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Can I upgrade RAM?

Three MacBook Pros

Can I upgrade RAM?

One of the most common questions about MacBook Air models is whether or not the memory is upgradeable. The memory is not upgradeable because the RAM on all MacBook Airs is soldered to the logic board.


How Do I Get More RAM?

Apple offers higher memory configurations for their entire slim line of laptops (MacBooks, Mac Book Airs, and MacBook Pros), but buyers must select the memory configuration before they pre-purchase.

Advanced users might think they can add the RAM themselves, but because Apple solders the RAM onto the motherboard of MacBook Air and other recent MacBooks and MacBook Pros, the only way to truly get more is to replace the motherboard. This is however not equitable. If you absolutely need more RAM, your best option is to replace the computer.


How Much RAM Is Enough?

In 2014, Apple actually boosted the built-in RAM on MacBook Air models to 4GB, which is typically enough for average users who do not run simultaneous multimedia programs. The upgraded RAM option is 8GB.

At Mac of all trades, we typically offer refurbished MacBook Air models with both RAM options, depending on what we have in stock. To find the right amount of computing power for your own personal use, browse our full selection of MacBook laptops here.