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1-Year Hardware Warranty (2-Year Platinum Coverage Available)

USB Cable and Adapter Included

Tested and Refurbished

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We offer refurbished iPads ranging from the original iPad and iPad Air to the iPad mini and iPad Pro. A used iPad is a great addition to your community of Apple products. The iPad is perfect for travel in the car, train, or plane. You can purchase the WiFi-only model to use at home or in the office, or get the cellular model for on the go.

A refurbished iPad provides you the ability to watch movies, play games, or surfing the internet wherever you are. iPads are light, easy to hold and carry from place to place. If you are looking for a great deal on a variety of used iPads, mac of all trades has you covered. 

We have a huge selection of refurbished Apple iPads. These versatile touch tablets have changed the way we interact with technology since their release in 2010. Now we see iPads everywhere, in both professional and personal settings. Tablets are used in many settings from behind the register at your local coffee shop to graphic design work at a studio. While iPads have become almost essential, they remain an expensive piece of technology. Buying a refurbished iPad means you get the same device, tested to work by our team of experts, for a fraction of the cost.