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Refurbished iPads for Travel

Two iPads

Refurbished iPads are Perfect for Travel

Man, woman, and girl looking at an iPad together

Let's face it - we're always on the go. Meetings call us all over our buildings or sometimes all over town. Friends get us together for some great reasons and others maybe not so great. Whatever the case may be, the Apple iPad makes it easy for you to take all of your information with you on the go.

Designed by Apple to be the first device of it's kind, the iPad was made for people whose lives of work or fun constantly call for information wherever they are. Because of this, the first thing a person would notice about the iPad is it's lack of a disk drive or USB port, rather, the iPad accesses information via cloud computing, so your information is with you everywhere, and shared between all of your Apple devices. On their own, iPads will have either 32 or 64 Gigabytes of built in memory, and the App Store featuring 90,000 iPad apps, and your life on the go will be able to have as much or as little content as you see fit. In a suitcase, this could replace stacks of paper and books with apps and cloud-ready documents, or in a family vacation vehicle, this could replace screaming kids with the sounds of videos, games, or music.


When you are traveling with your Refurbished iPad, the first thing you should keep in mind is that you do still have a limited battery life. Because of this Apple has made it so that you can turn services and certain applications on and off at your leisure, to make sure that your battery life will last until you reach your next stop, even if it is 8 hours between charges.

Apple's Retina display has been included in all iPads since the second generation keep everything crystal clear. For those of us that work in animation or art, the beautiful and stunning display works tirelessly to keep colors vivid, and creations bright, all at the speed of life. Use the iPad's built in camera to take pictures and video of everything and anything around you, and Photoshop everything that couldn't quite fit in.

The iPad has been created to be the perfect accessory for travel between boardrooms and cities. How it helps you get there is up to you. Getting one into your hands, affordably, is up to us. All of our Refurbished iPads go through our rigorous inspection process with over 40 points of inspection, and are all topped off with our complete 90-day money back warranty.