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MacBook vs. MacBook Pro - Which Should I Choose?

Two MacBooks

MacBook vs. MacBook Pro - Which Should I Choose?

MacBook Pro and MacBook

Both Refurbished MacBooks and MacBook Pros are powerful, practical machines that can fulfill the vast majority of needs a user may have. But understanding what computer is right for you comes down to understanding what kind of user you are, and what kinds of functionality you will need.

Check out these specs and features to get a better idea of which will suit you better:

Woman using a laptop

Users with Non-intensive Computing Needs May Prefer a MacBook

If you're the kind of computer user that boots up in the morning over a cup of coffee, checks the news, perhaps does some shopping, email, or watches Netflix from time to time, but don't really have a reason or vocation that requires pushing the computer to any extremes, a MacBook may be just right for you.

Not that the MacBook is some slouch, trust us, it isn't. But if you have more standard computing uses, you just may not need the extra power of the MacBook Pro, or feel compelled to spend the extra money.

Man using a laptop

Users with Intensive Computing Demands Choose MacBook Pro

You know who you are. If you need your computer to build, create, edit, render, develop, record, or anything else demanding, you're going to want to go with the MacBook Pro. The Mac Book Pro usually features between 2.2 and 2.66 GHz processors while the MacBook peaks at the low end of that range, and that extra power is often necessary for demanding users. The MacBook Pro also has increased functionality in that it can run many Windows applications as a result of its Intel Processor.

For those working with media or have similar needs, the MacBook Pro also comes with larger screen sizes, more hard drive space to store files, and more ports to plug in fire-wire devices, multiple USB devices, etc., depending on what you'll be hooking up to it. It's been well documented time and again that musicians have successfully recorded and mastered entire albums on their MacBook Pros, and film-makers editing entire full length movies; that just gives you an idea of some of the possibilities of the MacBook Pro.

Laptop with disc and headset

If You're a Gamer, Go Pro

Even if you're not a full-time gamer, whom often have customized cutting edge set-ups, but someone that enjoys playing some games in addition to other uses for their computer, the MacBook Pro is the way to go. Traditional MacBooks can certainly handle certain games themselves; however, the MacBook Pro is built on diversity and high performance. If you're really serious, you could even upgrade your machine with a graphics card better set up for gaming (a point sometimes lamented by hardcore gamers), but the computer itself is blazing fast and can be made to work with many different kinds of demanding applications.


The Rundown

It's not a surprise that the MacBook Pro is simply a more powerful and versatile machine than the MacBook. But what we're trying to demonstrate is that depending on your needs, either could be a perfect fit. They're both lightweight, mobile, fast, compatible with most things, and easy to use. Most tasks users engage in could easily be accomplished on either. However, if you need a workhorse to really get the job done and make your life easier when using heavy, demanding applications, go for the extra power and get a MacBook Pro.

  • MacBook Pro:

  • Faster
  • More Storage
  • More Dynamic Uses
  • MacBook:

  • Performs the Same Essential Tasks
  • Extremely Practical
  • Save Money $$$