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Packaging Tutorials

Unboxing Your iMac

Step 1: Inspect

  • Check the exterior of the package for shipping damage
  • Look at the tamper proof tape to ensure your package was not opened in transit
  • Open the box by cutting the tape on the side with the shipping label on it

Step 2: Removing the suspension packaging

  • Pull up on the handles located at the top of the packaging insert
  • Lay the insert on a flat surface with all flaps unfolded

Step 3: Removing the iMac

  • Pull down on the plastic pocket covering the bottom edge of the iMac
  • Once the bottom half of the iMac is outside of the pocket, slide the iMac out of the packaging
  • Do NOT cut the plastic film under any circumstance

Step 4: Setting up the iMac

  • Place the iMac on a steady flat surface and attach the power cord as well as a mouse and keyboard
  • Power on the machine and follow the on-screen instruction to begin using your machine