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Upgrades Available for Your Refurbished MacBook

Two MacBooks

Upgrades Available for Your Refurbished MacBook

An open MacBook

Refurbished MacBooks are great on their own, but if you can make them better, why wouldn't you? There are a lot of ways to upgrade your MacBook for whatever your heart desires.

Here's just a few options and tips you may want to consider before or after you buy:



Memory can make a huge difference in the performance of your computer. If you're unfamiliar with it, memory is where your computer stores information when it's running programs or performing an operation. Different than the hard drive, however, memory more closely correlates to the speed at which your computer operates. If you use your computer for intensive purposes such as developing graphics or editing film, the more memory you can get the better. Many refurbished MacBooks have the option to upgrade memory when you buy, and it may be a worthwhile investment.

Hard drive

Hard Drive

Chances are if you're familiar with computers, you know how important the hard drive is. The hard drive is where your computer stores all of the files and information it uses. Most refurbished MacBooks come with a pretty large hard drive already, usually at least 120 GB and up. However, certain computer functions can really chew up a lot of that space quickly, especially if you're a graphic designer, photo junkie, music lover, or film geek; hard drive space can come at a premium. Consider upgrading to a 640 GB hard drive and say goodbye to worrying about hard drive space.

Apple remote

Apple Remote

If convenience is your game, pick up an Apple Remote. The Apple Remote gives you total control over your media without having to get off the couch! Achieve total freedom and happiness with this practical little device.

MacBook with a blue shield on the screen


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