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Apples To Apples: Desktops

Three MacBook Pros

Apples To Apples: Desktops

Research is key when making an Apple desktop computer purchase (iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro). With a variety of Apple desktops to choose and various user needs, differentiating the models is key. Once you understand the variances, finding the machine with enough speed and upgradeability for your budget is clearer.

To help our buyer make informed decisions, we have created this comparison chart to highlight Apple’s three popular desktop models - iMac, Mac mini, and Mac Pro. This matrix offers a high level key feature comparisons.


Recommended Performance: Mac Pro

While the Mac Pro is by far the most powerful desktop offered by Apple, not everyone needs this power. Unless you are running complex programs for things like digital video editing, image editing, or 3D rendering, the iMac or Mac mini will meet your needs. In general, iMac models can handle most programs the average user requires, while Mac minis are typically used for lightweight tasks like web browsing and streaming via your TV.


Recommended Convenience: iMac & Mac Mini

If you want a desktop computer for standard computer usage, like editing photos or running the Microsoft Office suite, the iMac is an all-in-one answer to your needs. The iMac can be easily set-up in any room or office, be booted up immediately, and is ready to use. However, if you just want a computer for streaming video and surfing the web, you will be more than happy with a less intrusive Mac mini (which can be directly connected to your TV).


Recommended Display: iMac

This is an easy one. Of all three models, the iMac is the only Apple desktop that comes with a built-in display. If you want out of the box computing, the iMac is your choice. However, if you need higher-end computing power from a Mac Pro or the low-cost of a Mac mini, we offer refurbished Apple displays to complete your setup.


Recommended Price: iMac

Mac mini models offer the lowest average price. They also consume the least amount of electricity. While Mac Pros offer the highest average price, they also consume the most electricity. The iMac is the perfect middle ground. It offers readily accessible power for a price still within a budget for most refurbished buyers.



No matter what you need from your next refurbished Apple desktop, Mac of all trades offers various options of iMacs, Mac minis and Mac Pros for most budgets. Shop now and save.