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Turning Off vs Sleeping Your Used iMac

One question that everyone with an iMac has wondered at some point or another is whether or not they should be sleeping their computer before walking away, opposed to turning it off completely. Well, guess what, the answer is actually up to you – the user.

According to Apple’s “Everything Mac” owner’s manual that comes with iMac models, simply putting your computer to sleep is just fine – if you plan on coming back to it throughout the next day or two. However, the manual does recommend powering down your device completely if you plan on leaving the house or workplace for several days. But, browse any applicable message boards for an answer regarding this same topic and you’ll undoubtedly come up with iMac owners from all walks of life, saying they strictly abide by one rule or the other and never have issues with their device, no matter the choice.

So, while many owners adhere to their own routine regarding whether or not to power off their iMac desktop model – without any problems, you’re probably best to abide by the guidelines Apple itself recommends when deciding on the routine for your own device, which is to turn your computer off when you’re leaving it alone for days at a time.