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Yes, a “Cheap” MacBook Pro Is a Great Investment

Yes, a “Cheap” MacBook Pro Is a Great Investment

Posted by Mac of All Trades Tech Team on Feb 28th 2022

It’s no surprise that MacBook Pro models fetch premium prices, even years after they are released. There are used MacBook Pros out there in good shape that still fetch hundreds of dollars on the low end. Apple’s prices are well over $1,000 for new MacBook Pros - the newer 16-inch MacBook Pro models have sold for well over $2,000.

To give the line some credit, these are some of the fastest, most-robust, most-user friendly laptops on the market, and come loaded with tons of really useful, really cool apps. That’s not to mention the fact that they’re compatible with countless more through the app store. Some might even tell you they are the best laptops on the market.

But here’s the thing. You don’t need to break the bank for that kind of performance. Lots of people don’t buy new for that very reason, opting instead for a “cheap” MacBook Pro.

Now, we know that just what “cheap’ is and where it starts will depend on the person you ask - but don’t let the words “used” or “refurbished” throw you off of the trail of a really good deal. There’s plenty of value to be found in a used MacBook Pro, even from years ago.

Why and When a Cheap MacBook Makes a Great Investment

Let’s be honest about something: it doesn’t always make sense to buy the latest and greatest technology unless one of two situations applies. Either you really want to because you love technology or are an Apple fanatic, or your line of work depends on the proficiency of your computer powers.

You can get past generations of 13-inch MacBook Pro laptops for just a bit over $200 dollars here at Mac of All Trades - that’s cheaper than newer, technologically inferior computers from other manufacturers sell for.

Put that money into one of our used, refurbished “cheap” MacBook Pro laptops and enjoy better graphics, battery life, and processing power than you’d get from so many other new computers.

Who Can Benefit from a Cheap MacBook Pro?

If you’re wondering if you can get away with a “cheap” MacBook Pro and you can check off any of the following boxes, the answer is probably yes.


Let’s get something straight - the vast majority of students spend their time reading, writing, and listening to music. Unless your course of study is medicine, radiology, engineering, or some other niche subject that requires immense visual resources, an older MacBook Pro is probably not only more than you need, but even a luxury.

See if you can save even more money with a MacBook Air. They also offer plenty of computer power, are lighter, and have excellent battery life.

Those shifting to remote work

Apparently, 3.2% of the workforce was remote as of December 2021, and that number is rapidly growing. If you work remotely, you need a reliable laptop and a MacBook Pro will probably offer more than enough power for most professions, enabling quick and easy correspondence


Anyone who spends a lot of time traveling - either for fun or work - needs a fast, reliable laptop with plenty of battery life to get through those long hours abroad. MacBook Pro laptops have excellent battery life, great graphics for video playback, and are light and portable.

Writers and journalists

Writers and journalists predominantly do one thing: they write. Throw in a little research and some time spent putting up posts through the back end of admin panels in an internet browser, and you have a writer’s job description in a nutshell.

A MacBook Pro - any MacBook Pro, no matter how cheap - is plenty of computer for nearly any journalist, copywriter, proofreader, scriptwriter, or editor.

Anyone who works in video or audio editing; graphic designers

Anyone into creative editing or content creation, including graphic designers, can do with one of the later versions of MacBook Pro. The enhanced retina display and graphical processing capabilities combined with great speeds make it one of the top series of laptops on the market - if not the best.

Anyone looking for a new laptop for surfing, video playback, or other basic functions

Finally, if you need a new laptop for web surfing, reading, answering emails, watching videos, or other domestic activities, an Apple MacBook Pro is more than enough computer for you. In fact, you can probably do just fine with a MacBook Air. Get one of the older or smaller MacBook Pros like a 14-inch MacBook Pro that’s a few years old and save some money.

Even an older MacBook Pro will have plenty of battery life, tons of storage and be far faster than you need for most of these tasks.

                      Cheap” MacBook Pro

Cheap MacBook Pro Laptops for Resource Intensive Applications and Users

For those that actually rely on the robust computing power of the latest MacBook Pro laptops - like the recent Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch models with the M1 chip that’s capable of 11 trillion operations per second and with faster machine learning make the best option.

Those who run very resource-intensive applications or processes, such as video or photo editing software, modeling applications, or anyone into gaming or VR, should get one of the newer Apple laptops with an M1 chip.

They’re not quite cheap yet - but they’re still more affordable than new laptops, so you can save that money for your actual hobby and not just the hardware you need to pursue it.

Ready to Save on a Cheap MacBook Pro?

Don’t spend more than you need to. Save on your next purchase here at Mac of All Trades by picking up a cheap MacBook Pro. If you’re looking for recommendations for what model will be best for you or you have any questions about any of our currently listed products, get in touch with us at 800-581-8987.