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How to Know You Need a New MacBook Pro Battery

Sep 3rd 2019

One of the best features on many of Apple’s newest computer models is the life of the battery and how long a single charge can last. You are a busy person with many tasks to complete throughout the day, so having the ability to get everything done without needing to recharge your laptop helps you stay focused.

Over time, these batteries start to lose their ability to retain a full charge. This happens naturally as you regularly use your laptop and continually charge the battery night after night. The constant cycle starts to drain the battery and give you a lower maximum capacity than you had before.

At the beginning, this is not going to be very noticeable, since your laptop will still hold a charge for the better part of the day. But as the battery starts to wear down and holds less of a charge, it will become more annoying to have to constantly carry a charger around to effectively complete your work.

When this happens, don’t think that you need to completely replace your computer. It probably still functions well despite the battery not holding a significant charge. You can get the battery health back on track by finding a replacement MacBook Pro battery that restores your usual battery capacity so you can go back to working on a single charge throughout the day.

Today, we will tell you how you can identify that your battery is in need of replacement and some tips for buying a new battery.

Check the Status - Apple laptops allow you to check on the status of your battery life very easily. You can get an idea of what your battery’s status is by clicking on the battery icon at the top of the screen to see approximately how much life is currently left on the charge. For more information, you can dig deeper into the information about the battery in the System Information app and check the cycle count. Typically, a battery can complete up to 1,000 cycles before potentially needing replacement.

Time Your Current Charge - Another way to investigate the health of your battery is to time how long you are able to use your MacBook on a current charge. If you are getting the message to replace the MacBook Pro battery soon, and still feel like you are getting enough life out of the battery, you may be able to hold off on the replacement for a while. This could be the case if you try to use your MacBook for an entire day without a charge and get through seven or eight hours. However, if you are barely getting a couple hours out of the battery, it may be time to replace the battery.

If it is time for you to replace your MacBook Pro battery, you want to find a place that not only sells the battery, but backs it with a warranty. Any reputable seller of MacBook batteries will help you feel reassured with your decision to purchase by offering easy returns and warranty coverage in the event the battery does not perform as expected.

While buying a replacement battery may be a burden, it certainly saves you a lot more money than buying a new laptop. A replacement battery is going to likely cost around $50, while new Apple MacBooks can cost well over $1,000. If there is nothing else wrong with your laptop other than the battery, replacing the MacBook Pro battery is a lot more cost effective than buying another MacBook.

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