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The Advantages of Buying a Refurbished Apple MacBook

Posted by Mac of All Trades Tech Team on Nov 19th 2020

There are hundreds of different kinds of computers and laptops but not all of them are going to provide the same kind of features and performance. If you want a device that is actually going to be reliable, you can’t settle for just any computer that you happen to come across. You have to take into account the specifications of the memory, the processor, the battery, and storage space if you want to get an idea of the kind of experience you’re going to have.

When it comes to quality laptops, the Apple MacBook has always been a strong contender. These laptops are a mainstay of the professional world for a reason: they provide reliable, consistent, and powerful performance. Not only that, they are quite easy to use and are built to last.

You may not necessarily need to purchase a brand new MacBook however. By investing in a high-quality certified refurbished Apple computer, you would not only be saving a decent amount of money, but you would also know you are getting a reliable machine that has already been thoroughly tested. For most purposes, a used Macbook would serve your needs just fine, even if you need this device for professional purposes.

Are old MacBooks worth buying?

It depends on who the previous owner was, how old the device is, and how thoroughly it has been refurbished. No two used computers are going to function the same if they go through different refurbishment processes, and it’s important to note as well that some computers are past the point of no return and can’t be reliably refurbished and resold, at least not by a responsible vendor.

The short answer is, yes, used MacBooks are certainly worth buying. Compared to most kinds of laptops out there on the market, these computers hold up remarkably well and can endure a great deal of wear and tear. Not to mention, Apple equips their computers with such excellent hardware, that laptops from several years ago still perform remarkably well even today.

This means that if you know where to find an old MacBook that has been previously owned but has been well taken care of and has been put through a reliable and thorough vetting process, they are certainly worth a look. In fact, depending on your specific needs, you could easily make the argument that a refurbished MacBook is actually the better investment compared to most brand new models.

That’s what we’re going to be taking a look at in the following guide. If you have been looking for a great new computer, whether you need it for casual use or on the job, we’re going to help you see why a used Apple MacBook may be the perfect computer for your needs.

Why Newer MacBooks May Not be What You’re Looking For

There is a certain appeal about looking at a shiny new computer in an electronics store and purchasing it right then and there, but when it comes to getting the right computer, you may want to stop and reassess the situation a little.

First of all, you have to think about what you actually need this computer for. If you simply need a reliable computer for basic personal or professional use, there’s really no reason to waste a ton of money on a brand new MacBook. You’re going to get all of the functionality and power you need from an older model, at a fraction of the cost. While you may think it’s a better investment in the long run to get the newer model, very often these computers come loaded with an array of features that you simply won’t use.

This is most often the case for users who simply want a decent home computer or laptop for school work or entertainment purposes. Yes, you definitely want a computer that is not going to slow down on you when you have a lot of tabs open, and that will be able to handle some gaming or other casual tasks. But that doesn’t mean you need a state-of-the-art processor or a monster graphics card to accomplish such tasks either.

This leads right into the next issue, which is the money that will essentially go to waste purchasing features and hardware you don’t need. Even if you expect to do some professional work with your MacBook, unless you are going to be rendering custom made 4K videos with dozens of layers, or creating 3D models using intense graphics software, you’re basically never going to be able to even push the computer to its limits.

In other words, it would be like purchasing a Ferrari only to ever use it to go grocery shopping up the street. There’s no harm in it but it’s going to be a massive waste. When you look at the kind of features and hardware capabilities that newer Apple MacBooks come with, it’s clear that most people won’t get any use out of them.

Affordability and Usability

The affordability factor is important when it comes to looking for a new computer. Even though computers have become much cheaper in the past few decades compared to what they used to be, a high-quality device still can run well over a thousand dollars. You want to know you are getting the most out of the money you spend, especially if you need a computer that’s going to help get you through college or that you will be taking to work.

So here you want to weigh usability and affordability together. Ask yourself what you need out of your computer and find one that is suitable for you and in your price range. Most of the time, this is far easier to do when purchasing used rather than new. When it comes to newer computers, the prices are always going to be a bit higher, which may price you out of certain specs or features you want.

By investigating refurbished computers, it may open up a few more options for you and allow you to find a device that’s closer to what you want in terms of hardware features but isn’t nearly as expensive as what you would find if you decided to go with the new model.

What Kind of Performance Are You Looking For?

One of the reasons why Apple computers are so sought after is because they emphasize quality. Whether it’s the actual construction of the devices themselves or the specific hardware specs, Apple computers are simply on a different level. This is one of the reasons why they are a common sight in professional environments yet are also favorites of bloggers and students as well. Their laptops are compact, lightweight, powerful, and easy to use, which for most people is the ultimate combination.

Deciding Between the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

The only question is, just how much performance are you looking for? Apple makes different kinds of laptops that are better suited for certain purposes than others. They have laptops such as the MacBook Air that are smaller yet still pack plenty of important features, while the larger and more expensive MacBook Pros are better suited for pure professional purposes. Once you analyze your specific needs and budget, you can better determine which kind of MacBook is most appropriate.

It is worth noting that even though the MacBook Air is considered the casual option, many professionals do utilize these devices, as they come equipped with respectable processors and ample graphics capabilities. For basic photo editing, multitasking, and other professional tasks, one of these laptops would more than likely fit your needs.

Screen size may be something to think about as well. The smaller MacBook Airs don’t have quite the same amount of visual real estate as their larger cousins, which may affect what kinds of tasks you can easily perform on them. If you are a professional video editor, for instance, a MacBook Pro is going to make a lot more sense for a multitude of reasons. Purchasing one refurbished rather than brand new, however, would not only net you a reliable device but would also save you a load of money as well. This is one of the key advantages of purchasing a used Apple MacBook in that you may be able to get your hands on a device that would have otherwise been out of your budget if you were limited to only purchasing new devices.

Other Factors to Take Into Consideration

While all MacBooks are portable, the MacBook Pro line is considerably larger than other MacBooks and may be more cumbersome to haul around. If you had your sights set on a brand new laptop that’s sleek, fast, portable, and powerful, a refurbished MacBook Air might be exactly what you’re looking for. Rather than going out and purchasing a brand new computer, one of the used models in our store right here at Mac of All Trades would fit your needs down to the letter, and you would likely wind up getting more for your money.

When it comes to figuring out what kind of computer you need, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only what’s in your local mall or department store. Not only is the selection of brand new computers liable to be somewhat thin, you might not even be looking at computers that properly fit your needs. It’s much more beneficial to open yourself up to high-quality refurbished options that will not only help save you money, but will possibly even make it easier for you to find the exact kind of device you want.

The Best Place to Find Refurbished Apple MacBooks

Selection, affordability, and quality are all important factors that you want to consider when searching for the right computer. If you are interested in a high-quality Apple MacBook specifically, there is still a decent range of options out there that should be available to you if you know where to look.

Here at Mac of All Trades, we have a great selection of pre-owned MacBooks that are sure to meet your specific requirements, whether you are on the hunt for a reliable computer to carry you through your tasks as a web designer, or if you are a student in need of a laptop to help you manage your course load. Our store not only has a wide range of different used devices, such as the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro lines, we also have quite the variety when it comes to different models as well. This means you can work within your budget to find just the right computer for you, rather than having to spend extra and settle for features you don’t want or need.

If you are still on the fence about purchasing a used computer rather than a new one, it’s also worth noting that all of our Apple devices are backed by a warranty. If you simply want an affordable laptop that you can use to watch movies, check your email, browse the web, or work on your projects without any hangs, glitches, or other issues, you’re going to find it right here in our online store. From the powerful MacBook Pro 16” to the slim and efficient MacBook Air 11”, we have the quality and the variety you need in order to make the best possible computer purchase.

Have any questions regarding the quality of our devices, our refurbishment process, or what devices we have available? You can easily get in touch with us here at Mac of All Trades by calling 800-581-8987. You can also access our 24/7 live chat in case talking on the phone isn’t your thing. We have been serving the Apple community for over two decades and know how important it is for our customers to be able to find exactly what they are looking for at a great price. For all of your Apple product needs, take a look at our store or reach out to us any time.