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Is Investing in Wholesale Mac Computers Worth It?

Is Investing in Wholesale Mac Computers Worth It?

Posted by Mac of All Trades Tech Team on Mar 3rd 2022

Apple has been a force in the digital revolution since its inception in 1976. From its humble beginnings to its status as a digital powerhouse, Apple has fascinated and impressed us all, both nationally and internationally.

It is no surprise then that their computers appear in a wide variety of locations that can be used by numerous people at any given time. These locations might include various businesses, libraries, and schools, just for some examples. Certain businesses purchase wholesale Mac computers in order to reap the benefits of Apple products for numerous tasks.

But, this may not be an ideal scenario for every business. Having a large number of these undoubtedly pricey computers (whether you opt for desktops or laptops) in large quantities may not be financially viable for specific companies or individuals, among other things.

So what exactly are the benefits of buying wholesale Mac computers, who could benefit from purchasing them, and what other options are there to consider for saving money when investing in these digital miracles in bulk?

Reasons to Purchase Wholesale Mac Computers

As you might have already guessed, there are several reasons as to why you should invest in wholesale Apple computers, especially if you have numerous computer users at your location! Here are just a few of the key ones.

Increased Safety, Customer Service, and Satisfaction

If you have several employees that work on their computers and work with customers through them, then equipping your workplace with Apple computers for all might be a great idea.

This is because Apple computers are exceptionally dependable, don’t require lengthy updates often, hardly ever crash, work faster, and are more secure. In fact, Apple computers don’t get viruses nearly as often as PCs, as there are far fewer viruses for Apple specifically (due to the lesser number of devices) which means your business and clients are all kept significantly safer.

Because there is a far less chance of incidents when using Apple computers, then your customers are likely to receive better service and care, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and return.

Popular Option for Both Teachers and Students

Apple is extremely popular with both teachers and students, old and young. Because it is such a popular and often-used system, you can easily place them in schools or even other locations, since people will use them almost seamlessly with their experience. Plus, you can add an extra “cool” trait to your computer space!

Compatible with Microsoft Windows, Just in Case

If you worry about your employees’ or other users’ needs for Microsoft Windows, not to worry: Apple has thought of that. You can run Windows through applications like Parallels or Boot Camp Assistant quite easily. Therefore, you’ll have the best of both worlds at your disposal!

Receive a Discounted Price

Like the case is with any other good you purchase in bulk, you will receive a discounted price over the whole lot. But, this percentage discount, of course, depends on where you get your computers, their conditions, their models, and much more. But, the overall picture is this: you save lots of cash!

May Even Save You in Energy Consumption (in Comparison to PCs)

Another great reason to purchase Apple computers wholesale over PCs is that they tend to save users in energy consumption over time. The MacBook Air, for example, meets standards like ENERGY STAR 5.2, which is set by the EPA. This standard specifically exemplifies just how low the power consumption is, as it sets such a low average annual output rate.

Lower power consumption means lower electricity bills.

What Businesses Could Benefit the Most from Wholesale Macs?

                                  wholesale Mac

There is no strict answer to this question, but we say medium to larger companies, customer service agencies, call centers, schools, libraries, real estate agencies– really any company that requires computers quite often and for a good deal of people!

Why Buy Refurbished Over Brand New?

We know that you may be worried about one major stressor: the price tag. Purchasing one computer alone can bear a heavy hit to your budget, but computers in wholesale, especially ones from Apple? Yikes.

However, if you really feel as if purchasing brand new Mac computers is out of the question for your budget or business, we have one saving grace for you: refurbished wholesale Mac computers.

Here at Mac of All Trades, we have numerous types of Mac computers available for purchase, even in bulk, that are all certified refurbished. They come in a variety of conditions as well, so you know what you’ll be getting.

Many people hear “refurbished” and have an immediate negative perception, which is truly unfortunate because there are true benefits to buying refurbished electronics:

●Drastically decreased price

●Similar, if not the same, capabilities as brand new versions

●Environmentally friendly

●Potentially built better than brand new versions (as they have gone through ultimately another round of tests)

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When you are looking for the best place to purchase refurbished wholesale Mac computers, trust in us here at Mac of All Trades. We are ready to supply you with what you need for far less!