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MacBook Air 11-inch
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MacBook Airs are unbelievably thin and light making them ideal for taking anywhere and everywhere. Display size options include 11-inch and 13-inch screens. Complete with on-board memory suitable for the latest versions of macOS, the 11-inch MacBook Air is great for travelers.

This air-like weight of MacBook Airs allow for less strain for people on the move such as students or professionals. Perfect to use in many locations, the MacBook Air has a LED backlit display. The 11-inch MacBook Air is smallest Mac laptop that Apple has made and is slightly larger than the iPad. If you are looking for a larger MacBook Air, shop our 13-inch MacBook Airs.

The MacBook Air was designed to deliver the power of an Apple notebook in a sleek package. These little laptops can easily outperform a larger computer and are the perfect notebook for users who are on the go. With the smallest screen, the MacBook Air 11 inch is the most portable computer in the Macbook family. If you need a laptop that offers plenty of processing power but won’t take up too much real estate in your bag, the 11-inch MacBook Air is the perfect option for you.