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Looking For a Used MacBook For Sale? Follow This Buyer’s Guide

Posted by Mac of All Trades Tech Team on Feb 22nd 2021

Finding the right computer can be quite a challenge, especially if you are on a tight budget yet still want something that’s reliable and that will last you for a long time. Rather than purchasing something brand new that may not have the kind of specifications you are looking for, it may make sense to look at used computers instead.

Are you on the hunt for a used MacBook for sale but don’t know whether or not you are making the right decision or if a used computer will really give you the kind of experience you need? We have put together this helpful guide on the ins and outs of buying used, and if this is the ideal solution when it comes to getting your hands on a decent computer when you are on a budget.

Regardless of why you are looking to buy a computer, there can be no doubt that these devices are becoming more important every year for a variety of reasons. It wasn’t that long ago when a computer was seen as a luxury expense, a completely optional home entertainment device. However, it’s clear that those days are long gone, as computers and mobile devices have become integral to many parts of our daily lives.

In order to find a device that actually suits your needs and lifestyle, and performs the way you need it to, a little research is required. Below we go into detail in regards to the perks of buying used MacBooks and why this is the way to go if you need a great computer at an affordable price.

Is Buying a Used MacBook Worth It?

The first question on your mind is likely, is it even worth it to buy a used MacBook? Wouldn’t it make more sense, in the long run, to just bite the bullet and get a new one?

On the surface, this may seem like a good idea but when you break everything down, the argument doesn’t hold up. First and foremost, if you are on a strict budget or simply don’t have the money to spare, you may not even be able to afford a brand new MacBook. These are high-quality computers that don’t often come cheap. You could settle for a cheaper computer, but that defeats the whole purpose of investing in a new device in the first place. Your goal should be to find a computer that prevents frustration, rather than being the cause of it.

In reality, whether you are searching for a slim and portable MacBook Air or something beefier for work or your home office, like the MacBook Pro 16”, buying used is worth it if you know where to look. Like with any used product, you have to rely on the reputation of the company in question and the actual refurbishment process, in order to get a product that is reliable and fully functional.

Buying used MacBooks is worth it because you can get Apple quality without the steep Apple price tag, which alone is one of the best reasons to go this route. There are other reasons as well which we go into more detail about below, but suffice it to say that if you are wondering if it is a good choice to buy used, it certainly is if you are a careful shopper.

The Art of Buying Second-Hand

When you are looking for a used MacBook for sale, there are a few important points to keep in mind, if you want to end up with a worthwhile device. Not everything with the “used” label is going to perform the way you expect it to, as you may well be aware. It doesn’t matter if it’s a home appliance or a piece of furniture: buying used comes with its own set of hurdles to navigate.

You could spend hours trying to learn about computer specs and performance metrics in order to figure out what constitutes a “high-quality” device, but this won’t necessarily help you in the buying process. It’s better to look at other factors, such as the company that is doing the actual refurbishing and whether or not they hold themselves to a rigorous standard. This way you know that if you shop with them, you are getting a great computer that is worth the investment.

Another way to tell if you can trust the product you are getting is if it is backed by some kind of warranty. Here at Mac of All Trades, this is one way our customers know that the MacBook they purchase from our store will serve them well and function how they need it to, because all of our computers are backed up with a warranty. Each of our MacBooks is certified refurbished and is put through an extensive testing process that ensures a positive experience for our customers.

When shopping around for any kind of used or second-hand product, you always want to be this fastidious in your selection. The extra bit of scrutiny when it comes to where you do your shopping will pay off, because you will have a much greater chance of actually finding a device that suits your needs.

Three Used MacBook Benefits

So what kind of tangible benefits are there to purchasing a used Apple MacBook? There are actually quite a few, but we will focus on three main areas that are of the most interest to computer buyers, which can help guide you toward the best possible purchase.

Extremely Cost-Effective

As mentioned before, one of the best reasons to purchase a refurbished Mac is simply because of the reduced price. As with anything, you’re always going to pay less for something if it’s classified as used or pre-owned. Even if the product in question is in perfect working condition and shows no signs of wear, it won’t be the same price as it would be were it new.

This opens up a lot of opportunities for shoppers who really need a deal on a good quality computer like an Apple MacBook but may not have the money to purchase a new one outright.

Used MacBooks can actually be quite a bit more affordable than their brand new counterparts, which means that as a buyer, you have more power to find a computer that has the power and features you need. Rather than settle for a “cheap” computer that doesn’t have good specs and will ultimately become slow and glitchy in a matter of months, affordable MacBooks that are used allow you to make a smarter purchase that considers the long-term. In general, this makes the prospect of buying a used computer worth it without even considering the other benefits.

Incredible Selection of MacBooks to Choose From

Another great benefit to purchasing a refurbished computer is that you will almost certainly have a wider selection to choose from. One of the problems with shopping at the big-name department stores or the Apple Store itself is that you are extremely limited when it comes to what’s actually available compared to the wide variety of devices that are actually on the market.

This makes sense from a retail standpoint of course. You can only cram so many computers into a store and display them properly in order to attract customers. Why waste precious space on a device that’s used and from two years ago, when there’s brand new merchandise that needs to be promoted?

While this makes sense for retail outlets in brick and mortar stores, it’s not something that matters at all when you shop online. In a digital storefront, you can comfortably list dozens of devices without any problems, which reflects the true extent of Apple’s offerings when it comes to their line of high-performance laptops. Rather than being limited to a small handful of the newest (and most expensive) models, you can select from a broader range of devices that come in at many different price points and which have a wider variety of features and perks.

More Likely to Find a Computer That Fits Your Needs

This is perhaps the most underrated benefit of shopping for a used MacBook as opposed to buying new. When you don’t have a great selection, you’re far more apt to settle for a device that doesn’t quite fit your needs. The big problem with shopping in many department stores is that you are only going to be presented with so many options, and many of them will be either overpriced for your needs or way out of spec in terms of your actual requirements.

For instance, what if you are simply looking for a dependable laptop that can multitask without slowing down, help you stay connected on social media, and that you can use to watch movies, shop online, and do other routine tasks? Well, the big question here is, are you comfortable with either paying out the nose for a computer that has specs you will never use, or settling for a cheap laptop that can’t multitask without slowing to a snail’s pace?

That’s the biggest issue with shopping for a computer in brick and mortar stores, you will often have to settle for something that doesn’t quite match your expectations. In general, computers have so many different uses and come in so many configurations, it just makes more sense to buy them used and online anyway.

When you shop for a used MacBook at a reliable location, not only will you save money, you will be far more likely to find a computer that matches your needs because the selection will be that much greater. For instance, here at Macof All Trades, we are proud to offer an incredible selection of different MacBooks, all of which have been thoroughly refurbished and are backed by warranty as well.

Many newer MacBooks come with extremely powerful processors, tons of memory and storage space, and a host of other features that quite frankly, most users won’t even need. Unless you plan on performing cutting edge graphic design or video editing, you don’t need your MacBook Pro to compete in benchmark tests, to put it mildly. Many computer owners actually overpay for specs they don’t need and don’t even realize it, and part of the problem is the often limited selection that shoppers are presented with in most stores.

You won’t have that problem when you shop here in our online store. We have a wide selection of Apple computers that range from ultra-casual to professional, all of which will deliver the same kind of reliable experience you expect from Apple devices.

The Best Place Online to Shop For Used MacBooks

Locating that perfect computer doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, if you know exactly where to shop, you can get your hands on a device that’s both extremely affordable but still far more functional and reliable than going the “cheap” route. It doesn’t matter what you need your computer for, at the end of the day you need to be able to rely on it not to hang up, crash, or glitch out when you are on important calls or when you are engaged in your work.

That’s why it simply makes sense to shop here at Mac of All Trades, where you can choose from a wide selection of high-quality used MacBooks for sale, all of which are guaranteed to offer a dependable experience. Our refurbished MacBooks have all been carefully combed over and tested for issues by our team of professionals. Our Apple laptops will provide you with the same kind of reliability as you would find in any new computer that has never left the factory floor.

Buying used doesn’t have to be a gamble, if you know where to shop. Just take a look through our store and you will see why so many shoppers trust us to provide amazing Apple devices at incredible prices you can’t ignore. If you can’t find a specific Apple product or have questions about our refurbishment process, please reach out to us at 800-581-8987.