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Which Mac laptop is best for me?

What Mac Laptop Is Best for me?
A guide to choosing the perfect Apple laptop for you

Which Mac laptop is best for me?


Apple laptops are often considered the best option for a wide range of uses. Over 75% of all computers bought are laptops as opposed to desktops. People use these laptops for everything from professional use to daily home computers. 


Identifying the right model for your needs is key. The first step is to assess your minimum requirements (e.g. RAM, hard drive, processor speed, screen size, etc.). If you plan on using your Apple notebook for normal use (such as internet, email, Microsoft Office, etc.), you may want to consider a MacBook Air. These notebooks are designed to be more lightweight than MacBook Pros. They generally are not as powerful as MacBook Pros, however, they are fast enough for normal use. Depending on the year, model, and screen size you choose, MacBook Airs are more affordable than MacBook Pros. 


The original MacBooks were produced between 2006-2010. These notebooks have a white casing and include a 13-inch display. Apple re-released the MacBook in 2015 with a complete redesign. The newer generation MacBooks are thinner and come in an aluminum case with multiple color options. We carry both the original MacBook and 2nd generation MacBooks on our site at discounted pricing.


MacBook Airs were first released in 2008. They came with a 13-inch display and released an 11-inch model in 2010. These laptops are designed to be thin and lightweight. They have minimal expansion ports and include no internal media drive. All models weigh three pounds or less and are perfect for users needing a laptop by their side throughout the day. If you are interested in discounted, refurbished MacBook Airs, please go to this section on our website.


If you plan to use your laptop for professional use (e.g. desktop publishing, graphics, gaming, or video or editing), you should consider a MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro was originally released in 2006 and came with the options for a 15 or 17-inch display. A 13-inch model was introduced in 2009. These notebooks are aluminum, thicker, and have more expansion ports. They also have a built-in media drive. MacBook Pros originally came with options of a glossy or antiglare display. In 2012, a thinner, more powerful retina model was released with no media drive. Discounted, used MacBook Pros can be purchased from our website.