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The Care and Feeding of Your Used MacBook

The Care and Feeding of Your Used MacBook

You’ve made the fiscally responsible decision to purchase a refurbished MacBook. Congratulations! Keep it working like new with these tips.

In Transit

When traveling with your refurbished MacBook, you probably already know to carry it in a protective case, but did you know that you ought to remove loose items (such as paper clips, staples, or coins) from your bag? Loose items can get inside your computer through an opening, such as the optical drive slot or a port, causing problems for your used MacBook.


To clean your used MacBook, first shut down the computer, detach the power adapter, and remove the battery. Use a damp, soft, lint-free cloth (such as a microfiber cloth) to gently clean the exterior of your refurbished MacBook. Avoid getting moisture in any openings and do not spray liquid directly on the computer.

When cleaning your used MacBook display, dampen a lint-free cloth with water only and wipe the screen. Use nothing harsher than water when cleaning your refurbished MacBook display.


If you have an extended vacation planned and will not be using your used MacBook for an long period of time, find a cool, dry location to store your MacBook. To preserve your MacBook battery life, discharge the battery to 50 percent. If you plan to not use your refurbished MacBook for longer than five months, discarge the battery to 50 percent and remove it.


While using your computer in bed is tempting, avoid placing your used MacBook on a pillow or soft material since this can cause your refurbished MacBook to overheat. Always place your used MacBook on a hard surface.


While checking tumblr, twitter and facebook on the couch with your used MacBook is a fun activity, you risk causing burns when you place your computer in your lap. Keep your refurbished MacBook on a hard surface. Keeping your refurbished MacBook on a hard surface also prevents your computer from overheating.