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8 Convincing Reasons to Buy a MacBook Air

Sep 28th 2021

First introduced in 2008, when the first MacBook Air hit the market, it was an immediate hit. Light, powerful, with an amazing display, and with equally impressive battery life, it was a fan favorit … read more

7 Good Reasons to Upgrade to a MacBook Pro Laptop

Sep 24th 2021

If you’re a die-hard Apple fan, you’re probably going to have to field a few debates about the virtues of the MacBook Pro laptop as compared to the MacBook Air series. Even if you aren’t, the questi … read more

Our 3 Most Commonly Purchased Apple Parts

Sep 21st 2021

When your Apple product is showing signs of deterioration and aging, it can be especially worrisome. You’ve grown attached to your dependable device. Not only that, but you paid a good chunk of chan … read more

Is It Time for a New MacBook Pro Battery? Watch for These 6 Signs

Sep 17th 2021

While the MacBook Air may enjoy a very loyal following due to its sleek lines, lightweight, and portability, the MacBook Pro is one of the best choices anyone can make in a laptop. The MacBook Pro m … read more

Why Apple Mac Computers Are Still the #1 Choice For Your Home

Sep 14th 2021

Although PCs tend to be the common choice in most households, Apple as a brand has been around since the advent of home computers and they are still producing quality machines that are reliable, eff … read more