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Refurbished MacBook vs. Refurbished iMac

Refurbished MacBook vs. Refurbished iMac

Computers that have been used or refurbished are often just as capable as those that are brand new, especially when it’s a Mac backed with AppleCare Warranty. Between the savings, the warranty, and the peace of mind that comes with purchasing an Apple computer, there is really little question to whether or not buying used is a sound decision. However, a more difficult question may be whether to buy a refurbished MacBook or a refurbished iMac. While both viable options, each will have separate traits to offer.

First up, refurbished MacBook:

The MacBook is a laptop computer, allowing more versatility as far as location. Used MacBooks will also be smaller than the used iMac, easy to transport, and can be used wirelessly. These models come in different sizes and editions, such as the refurbished MacBook and the refurbished MacBook Pro. When traveling consistently or doing schoolwork, this choice is preferable since you can take your work right out the door. Pair your refurbished MacBook with a power cord and you need not worry about running out of juice.

Next, the refurbished iMac:

The refurbished iMac is a desktop model, requiring a standard position, a keyboard, and a mouse to function properly. The biggest difference between the two is location. When working from a single location, the iMac is often preferred by way of comfort. Users can enjoy a larger screen, better graphics, and the ability to use a mouse and a keyboard from separate locations. You will find that refurbished iMacs are also larger – both in size and in data storage – they will generally be more expensive. (Of course, depending on the refurbishing factor, this could change.)

When comparing the two models, it is important to decide which features appeal to you most. When you’re choosing a refurbished or used Mac, you’re sure to get a quality piece. The only aspects that stand to reason is which features you value most in a computer.

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