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*PLATINUM 2-YEAR SERVICE ONLY* Large Desktop/Display RMA Box (Fees Applied at Checkout)

What are your cosmetic grades?

  • All products are either new or refurbished. Our cosmetic grades of refurbished products include:
  • Excellent: Minimal wear based on the age of the product.
  • Very Good: Minor wear based on the age of the product. May include minor blemishes and/or dent(s) on casing. The screens are clear when powered on.
  • Good: Moderate wear based on the age of the product. Clear signs of usage. May include blemishes and/or dent(s) on casing.
  • Fair: Heavy signs of usage. Includes multiple dents and blemishes. Machine may have technical limitations. Read product listing for specifics.
  • Vintage: Product is fully functional, but no longer runs the latest OS and may not be compatible with newer features and software.

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Tech Specs

Fee for box assessed at checkout. Cannot be purchased with any other items.


You will find this alternative cheaper, safer, and more convenient than having your equipment professionally packaged. We will extend the Expiration Date of your Return Merchandise Authorization to account for the transit time of the box.

Elevate your return merchandise process with the PLATINUM SERVICE ONLY Large Desktop/Display RMA Box. This product offers a hassle-free solution for securely returning your equipment. Whether you need to send back a large desktop or display, this specialized box is designed to provide a cost-effective and safe option for your RMA needs.

With a fee assessed at checkout, this RMA box ensures that your equipment is properly protected during transit. This standalone purchase is exclusive to the PLATINUM SERVICE ONLY option, guaranteeing that your return process receives dedicated attention and care.

Experience peace of mind knowing that your valuable equipment is being handled with the utmost care. By opting for this RMA box, you are choosing a reliable and efficient way to package and return your items. Plus, we will adjust the Expiration Date of your RMA to accommodate the transit time required for the box, offering you added flexibility and convenience.

Please note, as part of our commitment to transparency, this product comes with a California Proposition 65 notice. Your safety and well-being are our top priority, and we encourage you to visit the provided website for more information.

Simplify your return merchandise process and choose the PLATINUM SERVICE ONLY Large Desktop/Display RMA Box for a streamlined and secure solution for your equipment returns.