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iPort LaunchPort Base Station with AM.2 Sleeve for iPad mini (Gen 1-5) - Good Condition

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Condition: Refurbished
What are your cosmetic grades?

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Tech Specs

The iPort launch port system uses magnets and wireless charging that enables you to effortlessly dock an iPad without fuss. The launch port base station is made of high quality aluminum that will remind you of other popular Apple products.  It looks great on a table top and works with any launch port iPad sleeve.  With the base station, the iPad is always charged, and ready to grab and use. Dedicate an iPad with a launch port system to control your smart home or conference room!

Ships with a power adapter and a sleeve for iPad mini (Gen 1-5).

The iPort LaunchPort Base Station with AM.2 Sleeve for iPad mini (Gen 1-5) offers a seamless and convenient way to dock your iPad effortlessly. Utilizing a combination of magnets and wireless charging, this system ensures that your iPad is always ready to use without any hassle. Crafted with high-quality aluminum, the base station not only provides a secure docking solution but also adds a touch of elegance to any tabletop.

Compatible with any LaunchPort iPad sleeve, this base station is designed to keep your iPad charged and easily accessible at all times. Whether you want to create a dedicated control hub for your smart home or set up a convenient system for your conference room, this product is versatile and user-friendly.

Included with the base station is a power adapter and an AM.2 sleeve specifically designed for iPad mini (Gen 1-5), ensuring a perfect fit and seamless functionality. The sleek and modern design of the LaunchPort Base Station complements the aesthetic of your iPad, making it a stylish addition to your workspace or living area.

Improve your iPad user experience with the iPort LaunchPort Base Station and experience the convenience of wireless charging and magnetic docking. Take advantage of this innovative technology to enhance your daily tasks and stay connected effortlessly.