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iCloth Cleaning Wipe (24-Pack)

What are your cosmetic grades?

Condition: New
What are your cosmetic grades?

  • All products are either new or refurbished. Our cosmetic grades of refurbished products include:
  • Excellent: Minimal wear based on the age of the product.
  • Very Good: Minor wear based on the age of the product. May include minor blemishes and/or dent(s) on casing. The screens are clear when powered on.
  • Good: Moderate wear based on the age of the product. Clear signs of usage. May include blemishes and/or dent(s) on casing.
  • Fair: Heavy signs of usage. Includes multiple dents and blemishes. Machine may have technical limitations. Read product listing for specifics.
  • Vintage: Product is fully functional, but no longer runs the latest OS and may not be compatible with newer features and software.

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Tech Specs

iCloth (24-Pack)

What You Get

  • Premium water-based formula specially designed to clean sensitive surfaces without causing damage
  • Optimal moisture level for cleaning all kinds of electronics without affecting responsiveness and ensuring a streak-free finish
  • Exceptionally strong, soft and lint-free cloth with aerospace certifications that will ensure effective dirt pick-up
  • Individually packaged to keep each wipe perfectly moist and hygienic until the moment of use
  • Safe cleaning for anti-glare, anti-scratch and any other protective coatings on eyewear without scratching them

What You Avoid

  • No ethyl alcohol or ammonia
  • No scratchy or linty cloth
  • No excessive moisture that could cause damage or leave smudges behind
  • No additional accessories needed to clean
  • No bulky packaging that gets in the way of you being able to clean on-the-go
  • No impractical/messy packaging that could compromise the reliability of the cleaning wipe


  • 5 in x 7 in
  • Cloths are individually wrapped.
  • Opened cloths are non-refundable.

*iCloth are also available as a product add-on at a discounted rate!

California Proposition 65 Notice: ⚠WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


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