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Why a MacBook Pro is Better than a PC

Posted by Mac of all Trades on Jun 20th 2019

Mac or PC? This is the ongoing debate when it comes to purchasing a new laptop. It is a constant question as to which one is better.

This is certainly subjective based on your familiarity with the product, but there are some reasons that finding a MacBook Pro for sale can be the better purchase for you. We at Mac of All Trades have constructed a list of reasons that you should purchase a Mac over a PC.

Macs are Actually More Affordable - This may seem impossible, but hear us out. Certainly a standard PC is going to be more affordable at the point of purchase than a brand new MacBook Pro. But what about the cost of a used or refurbished MacBook. You can get a quality MacBook Pro at a great price even if it is only a year or two old. In addition, Mac products tend to hold their value much better and last longer than the standard PC. The long-term value outweighs the short-term.

Buying a Mac is Easy - When you go to look for a new computer, you have probably noticed the many different brands and models of PC available. Buying a MacBook Pro forsale is much easier because there is a way to narrow your search quicker. You also know the reputation Macs have in the technology world, so you know you are getting a product that is made well and will last a long time.

Virus Protection - Macs generally don’t require any virus software to be installed and can live for a long time without viruses, spyware or malware infecting your system and creating problems. As compared to PCs that require a software from protection -- and even then are not foolproof -- it is a problem that occurs far less on Macs.

The Cloud - Backing up your hard drive can be important if a problem should occur. As mentioned above, no system is completely foolproof and safe from viruses or after a long time your computer simply may have reached its limit and no longer work. Far too often, people lose everything they have worked on to that point because they do not back up their hard drive. Apple has two ways of being able to back up your files effectively. Time Machine is usually pre-installed on your Mac and can let you go back in time to find a file you deleted. In addition, you certainly have heard about iCloud and what it can do. Apple’s iCloud service helps store all of your files from multiple Apple products including the iPhone and iPad in addition to your Mac.

One-Stop Shop - When something goes wrong with your PC, you have to try to diagnose the problem yourself to know what really needs to be fixed. Is it part of the hardware of the computer or is it a software issue? The software for PCs is created by Microsoft, while your computer may be a brand like HP or Dell. With so many different manufacturers, there are plenty of things you can blame problems on and each may just put the blame on someone else. With Apple products, everything comes from the same place. The software is Apple’s, the hardware is Apple’s and many problems should be able to be solved by someone on their team.

Updates Made Simple - A PC runs on an operating system that updates every so often and can require an extensive download and even purchasing a new computer to get it. Each version of Windows has been known by a different name too. Apple’s operating system has remained the same and provides updates for free -- that can even be installed automatically -- so you are constantly up to date on software and your laptop keeps functioning well.

With so many benefits and reasons to buy a MacBook Pro for sale, it’s time that you find one that is affordable and gets the job done for you. You could just buy one new, but if budgeting is part of your equation, buying a refurbished MacBook is a great way to go. Mac of All Trades constantly has new products arriving that are being refurbished and made available to you at a great cost. Many of these products still have a lot of life left in them and are relatively new, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality just because you want to pay less.

A MacBook Pro has a great life expectancy and comes in the same traditional style that it has since the beginning. Use Mac of All Trades and find a MacBook Pro for sale that will do what you need to do and get the job done.

There are so many features within a MacBook that it has everything you could possibly need. If the only thing stopping you is the price, check out the refurbished MacBook Pros that Mac of All Trades has available and find one that works for your budget and can do the tasks you need to complete.