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The Importance of Affordable MacBook Pro Accessories

Posted by Mac of All Trades Tech Team on Jun 29th 2021

No matter how great a computer you own, it won’t do you much good without the proper accessories. For laptops that you frequently use away from your home or workstation, this could especially be the case.

Knowing the importance of MacBook Pro accessories and where you can find these essential items at a great price could make a big difference in terms of how much value you are able to get out of your device. Here we have put together some helpful information on what laptops need in order to remain functional, as well as where you might be able to find many of these items online.

Ensuring Your Devices Remain Functional At All Times

A portable computer sounds convenient, until you realize that with such portability comes the need for a variety of accessories. While the MacBook Pro, for instance, is an incredibly powerful computer that allows users to tackle a wide array of different tasks, its usability will drastically decline if you forget to bring its charging adapter with you on a trip.

Much like an iPhone without a charging cable and AirPods, the usability of your MacBook Pro will often extend only as far as its accessories will allow. Depending on the specific circumstances you find yourself in, you may need to charge your device in order to get your work done, or you may need the precise control of a mouse which a typical trackpad doesn't allow for.

The key to getting the most out of your MacBook or any device for that matter, is to always ensure that you have the proper accessories and peripherals with you for the device. Everyone’s needs are different when it comes to their own devices, of course, but you should be aware of these differences and equip yourself accordingly.

Here are a few examples and things to keep in mind if you own a MacBook and want your device to remain as functional as possible:

● If you find yourself using your laptop away from your workstation very often, keep a spare charging adapter around. This goes double if you use your laptop outside of the home in any capacity. Continuously digging around for your cable and wondering if you left your only one in the car or at work can keep you up at night. Plus it will save time when you have to run out the door knowing you have a charging cable both at home and at work.

● For noisy areas or increased peace of mind in general, headphones or AirPods are a must. Depending on your ability to concentrate in such environments, these peripherals are great to have around. Also if you use your laptop for work purposes or talking with friends, being able to communicate clearly is important. While the MacBook does have an integrated sound system, this is not one of the strong suits of any laptop, to say the least. You’re much better off having a pair of headphones.

● If you prefer looking at your screen from a comfortable angle but enjoy typing with your keyboard in your lap, having a spare Apple keyboard could come in handy. You might think one of the immediate advantages of a laptop is having the keyboard, screen, and computer itself integrated into one unit, but what is a benefit sometimes can be a drawback in other instances. An additional keyboard can give you increased flexibility in terms of how you are able to use your device.

This is just a small sampling of examples and you can already see why having the right MacBook Pro accessories around could potentially make the difference between a great and easygoing experience and a lackluster one. Imagine being stuck at a noisy airport while trying to listen to an important meeting without a pair of headphones? Or having to do precise detailing on a particular illustration without the aid of a mouse?

Important Accessories to Have On Hand

Now that we have a clearer understanding of the value of having these accessories, it’s worth digging further into some of the most important ones to have around. While these aren’t essential in all instances because a MacBook Pro, is after all, an extremely versatile computer, you will want to pay close attention to your needs and make sure you keep some of these accessories around if you are a power user or frequently depend on your laptop for important tasks.

Keyboards and Mice

To kick off this list, it’s worth pointing out how valuable spare keyboards and mice are. Yes, your MacBook Pro has a built-in keyboard and trackpad, but separate accessories will only boost the functionality of your device.

The main benefit of a mouse is obvious: trackpads have limited functionality no matter how advanced they are. Apple knows how to innovate and probably has the smoothest and most functional trackpads equipped on their devices, but that still doesn’t cure the inherent limitations of these features when compared to a high-quality mouse.

A mouse provides a much wider range of movement and a more intuitive feel than a trackpad. And while the advent of smartphones has made us used to the idea of scrolling and clicking with the same finger, trackpads still feel rather clunky compared to using a mouse.

What’s more, a mouse is much better suited for complex design work or when you need to handle a project with speed. With greater control and a better feel in general, having a mouse around can certainly improve how you are able to use your MacBook.

Keeping a spare mouse and keyboard around for your laptop is also useful in case your built-in keyboard or trackpad decides to quit on you. Something as simple as your “e” key dying in the middle of a project could make your life difficult if you don’t have a backup plan. Always be prepared!

MacBook Cables and Adapters

Charging your MacBook is important, to put it mildly. If you aren’t able to charge your device when you need to, this can drastically reduce how you are able to use the device. If you are stuck somewhere without an adapter or the only one you own goes missing, you could be in some trouble.

While laptops like the Apple MacBook promote convenience, you still need the proper MacBook accessories in order to fully capitalize on that convenience factor, and making sure you have enough adapters is part of that.

If you don’t often take your MacBook Pro out of your room where it remains safely plugged in most of the time, you may only want to stock up on a spare adapter to keep around in case the one you are currently using dies. While Apple is known for the quality of their devices and accessories, the charging adapters of these devices often fail simply because they are used so much and endure a ton of wear. It doesn’t help that the cords to these devices are often twisted and contorted as we move them from place to place. The result can be a somewhat short lifespan compared to the device itself.

Having a spare adapter on hand is just a smart move all the way around. If you frequently use your MacBook on the go or bring it with you to and from work, having more than one adapter is all the more important.

Staying Connected

Did you know that Apple makes their own wireless routers? Known as the Apple Airport, these sleek devices can help you stay connected, with the advanced security and speed that you would expect from Apple. Having one of these accessories in your home could help to ensure that your MacBook always has a secure connection, with the help of a device on the same ecosystem.

Other Accessories to Consider

There are other important accessories to consider if you want to get even more use out of your Apple MacBook. Here are just a few to keep in mind.

AirPods are an easy choice, as these can help you enjoy videos and music, talk with friends, and will also allow you to get more use out of your iPhone as well. AirPods are considered some of the best all-purpose earbuds in the industry so it can’t hurt to own a pair.

An additional display monitor can help you when you need a better viewing experience at home. In most cases your MacBook Pro’s screen will more than meet your needs in terms of a display, but if you are a designer or work in any kind of professional field that requires high resolution visuals, an even larger screen might help. You can easily connect your MacBook to a high-quality monitor for a convenient two-display setup if need be.

Finding Everything You Need For Your MacBook Pro

No matter what you use your MacBook Pro for, you can see why having the right accessories can have a huge impact on the quality of your experience and how much you are simply able to enjoy your laptop and get the right amount of usage out of it.

Naturally, you are going to want to take stock of what you need in terms of these accessories and purchase some for backup purposes or to enhance the everyday functionality of the device. Whether you want to make sure you always have a charging adapter in your car for instances where you might need to charge your laptop when you are out someplace, or if you are looking for a nice monitor that can improve your ability to do design work at home, finding the best MacBook Pro accessories at a price you can actually afford is important.

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It’s evident that simply investing in a quality computer is not enough. If you want to enjoy your MacBook Pro to its full potential, you need all of the right accessories along with it. Don’t risk going without the key accessories you need, whether it’s for everyday functionality or as important backups.

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