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Should You Buy a MacBook Air in 2022?

Should You Buy a MacBook Air in 2022?

Posted by Mac of All Trades Tech Team on Feb 22nd 2022

The MacBook Air was dubbed one of the most exciting laptops to have in 2020. It was the first Apple Machine to sport their groundbreaking ARM-based chip, steering away from Intel-designed processors and adding many incredible features that newer models now can't do without.

When compared to other models, the MacBook Air was definitely the slimmest and thinnest in its line. It also represented a huge leap in performance, thanks again to the newly introduced M1 chipset. Its 8 cores offered unparalleled performance with integrated graphics that allowed users to play GPU-intensive games and considerably speed up their workload. The MacBook Air´s fanless thermal control allowed it to be extremely silent and power-efficient, extending battery life to up to 18 hours.

Pricing was one of its main selling points. Even when put side by side with similarly specced intel-based competitors, the MacBook Air (M1, 2020) came on top in terms of performance and price.

The qualm some had with the 2020 MacBook Air was that Apple seemed to want to play safe in terms of aesthetics. The chassis and general "feel" didn´t stray far enough from its predecessors according to critics, and there weren't many options in terms of color. Many complained that the lack of fans didn´t translate into an even thinner model.

However, we feel their design approach actually made the device a lot more future-proof as it focused more on sheer performance than just looks. The aluminum chassis gives this model a high-quality feel and durability that allows it to hold its value longer than other finishes, and it perfectly housed the many features we have come to love. We were, after all, expecting an ARM-based laptop that packed a lot of punch and provided that elusive Apple experience at a fair price point, and the 2020 model nailed this perfectly.

The Future of MacBook Air Models

Those who enjoyed the entry-level MacBooks for their price and performance in 2020 were a bit disgruntled that Apple didn't seem to want to take them into consideration with their latest releases in 2021. However, with rumors of a new MBA being unveiled around the third quarter of 2022, this could be remedied.

It is speculated that the next series of MacBook Air will have a more clear-cut distinction between the Pro and Air models. Many found this a welcome change as it would be a step towards a more streamlined product line. They will likely retain the most notable features from older machines to keep loyal customers satisfied while implementing their newer and more efficient M2 chipset.

The new M2 chip will be an enhanced version of the vanilla M1 processor, which is to be expected, but will not dish out as much juice as the Pro and Max versions. While it is still an improvement, it will only make the upcoming MacBook Air marginally faster than its 2020 predecessor.

Many speculate that last year's design trends will also be applied to this newer generation of MacBook Air computers. This will contrast with their 2020 approach in which they decided not to give a refresh in design, maybe wanting to reassure users that they weren't going to break away from their successful formula. We believe that Apple is now more confident in its chipset and features, as demonstrated by last year's MacBook Pro launch, and are ready to make some bold decisions in terms of design. It is possible to see a wider variety in terms of colors, following 2021 trends of pastel shades.

We expect thinner bezels and a move from their retina screens for the more vibrant Mini LED displays we now find in their MacBook Pro and iPad Pro models.

The new MacBook Air will probably mark the return of the MagSafe port for faster charge times. This would be a welcomed addition, but will also represent an extra $150 investment in charger and cable for those who want to take advantage of this feature.

Those looking to stay current in terms of technology and performance will find the new generation of MacBook Air machines somewhat attractive. However, users who want a faster MacBook this year, but are not willing to pay a premium for a new machine, or more than $1500 on the MacBook Pro, will find that refurbished MacBook Airs are a more interesting proposition. Buying an older model is still the best way to get a machine with similar specs as Apple's high-end products.

Where To Buy MacBook Air Computers?

Refurbished Macbook Air computers can be bought for a much lower price, yet will feature the same performance as the high-end 2020 model or the benefits of the innovative M1 chipset. It does not make sense to buy an entry-level MacBook while paying the price of a top-end machine.

If you´re looking for something similar in terms of performance but more pocket-friendly, why not check out refurbished MacBook Air computers? These are a great option for those who want to be able to do resource-intensive work and even play demanding games. Remember to only buy MacBook Air machines from reputable and certified Apple traders.

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