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Oct 30th 2019

The MacBook Pro debuted in January of 2006 as the new high-end model of the MacBook family. Carrying over the sleek, aluminum design of the Powerbook G4, which was Apple’s first foray into a sort of functional sci-fi aesthetic, the Pro added a webcam and MagSafe power connector to cement the company’s transition from PC giant into the lifestyle-tech juggernaut that it is today. But that was only the MacBook Pro’s first iteration.

As with everything Apple, each MacBook Pro is subject to a systematic evolution based on continual refinement, so that by 2008 a new model had been introduced that had a casing made from a single piece of tooled aluminum, with a thinner display and a trackpad that acted as a clickable button. This final improvement was a characteristic Apple innovation, streamlining two devices -- the trackpad and the mouse -- by combining and simplifying each. It also came with a redesigned keyboard that featured flat black keys with rounded edges, both better-looking and less clunky than the 2006 model. Later updates introduced Intel’s Thunderbolt technology, a port system that allows the connection of external peripherals to the device by means of a multiplex—basically a freeway for data signals that allows multiple “lanes” of data to operate at once.

The third-generation MacBook standardized solid-state storage, an alternative to the older hard drive, which offered storage based on movement and magnetism, using disks to write code into a magnetic coating that preserved the data. In a solid-state drive, memory chips store data by flipping semiconductor arrays into different charge states to preserve code. Because they don’t rely on mechanics and don’t have any moving parts that might wear out or break, solid-state drives are considered more durable than standard hard drives. Solid-state drives also read and write data at far faster speeds than hard drives, while using far less power. And, because they use chips and semiconductors, rather than rotating disks, solid-state drives are smaller and lighter than hard drives, which has made today’s ultra-thin laptops possible. Solid-state drives also malfunction less than hard drives and have a far longer lifespan.

This generation of Apple MacBook Pro also introduced the Retina display, which has a higher pixel density than traditional Apple displays, resulting in a crisp, print-like image that can imitate curves and sharp edges. They manage this by basically smashing as many pixels as possible into small screen space, resulting in a measure of pixels-per-inch (PPI) that is greater than the human eye is able to process, resulting in the illusion of a depixelated page onscreen, but in reality, the screen’s simply performing at a resolution higher than what human beings are able to see. There are other ration concerns in play (nothing can ever be that simple), which stipulate each pixel’s distance from one another, because too many pixels bunched too densely results in poor image quality, but the basic principle behind the Retina display remains the same: simply raise the resolution above what the human eye can process, and you’re golden.

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