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In Defense Of Refurbished Apple Watches

Jan 27th 2020

You may be interested in purchasing an Apple Watch. If that’s the case, you’re probably looking down the barrel of paying top dollar for a new one. In that event, be prepared to shell out some serious dough, because that’s what goes along with buying new Apple products. A Series 5 starts at $399, and that’s at its most basic.

Now, you may have considered buying a used or even refurbished Apple Watches, but been scared off by some of the potential risks of doing so. As in considering the markets for used and refurbished goods of all natures, there is some risk. But when you do your homework and buy only select used or refurbished goods as is the case with Apple products, you can end up getting a really great deal. In fact, to those who have made a successful practice of filling their need for technology with refurbished Apple Watches and other products, they’ll tell you the value you get from a refurbished unit far exceeds the value of a new one.

Something you’ll have to take into account is your intended use for a refurbished Apple Watch, and what apps and functionality you need out of it. There is long-standing humorous criticism of Apple users by nonusers that with each upgrade they’re getting exactly the same thing they were using previously in a mildly upgraded format. True or not, it sure looks that way to outsiders, and to circumvent it you’ll want to make sure you know what you want from an Apple Watch before you buy it. If you know what features you want, you can get them in a refurb and save a ton.

Most people just rely on their computers and phones for most of their practical uses of technology, but when you get a dose of what an Apple Watch can do there might not be going back. The cross-functionality between the devices, specifically between an Apple Watch and an iPad or an Apple Watch and an iPhone can be enormously helpful to people. An Apple Watch can be used to manage messages conveniently, orient yourself and track your fitness. You simply need to know what functionality you need from your device before you start shopping for refurbished Apple Watches and you’ll be all set with the model you settle on.

When it comes to the defense of refurbished Apple Watches, the first thing to take into account is that a refurbished Apple Watch is going to save you money. Almost without respect to how or where you shop for one, you’re going to get a deal on a refurbished unit that will save you substantially over a new watch. This benefit doesn’t stand alone but really stands out when you account for the fact that a refurbished unit can give you nearly identical performance to a new watch, but more on that in a moment. Here at Mac of All Trades, we make getting a refurbished Apple Watch, or other Apple products, a reality that will save you money, bring you the effectively the same performance as new units with a process that is guaranteed.

Considering the fact that it will save you money, you also need to be sure that the product you’re getting is going to offer you the apps and performance that you expect from an Apple Watch. Do a little research to make sure that you know what you want in a device and we’ll do the rest for you. Our process for the devices that come to us for refurbishment is top right and covers a laundry list of items to be inspected and tested before anything leaves our facility for sale. Every device we receive is visually inspected for cosmetic damage as well as to ensure that its parts are in good working condition. Even after visually inspecting every device we test the hardware for functionality before wiping the device, then installing a new operating system on each one. In essence, our process for refurbishment is so demanding that when you buy a refurbished Apple Watch from us, it will be almost as if you had bought the unit new in the first place.

We take the risk out of buying refurbished Apple technology but you don’t just have to take our word for it. Take our customer’s words for it. If that wasn’t reason enough to save some money on a refurbished Apple Watch that works as well as a new one anyway, how about the fact that we offer free shipping to save for a few bucks on that end as well. Sure, there can be some risks associated with buying previously owned and refurbished technology, but with our reputable history of customer satisfaction and extremely rigorous testing and refurbishment processes, there’s no time like today to get the Apple Watch you want and pay much less for it.