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How to Decide Between iPhone or Android

Posted by Mac of all Trades on Oct 16th 2017

iPhone vs Android

There has been a debate for years on whether or not the iPhone or Android is the better choice. Both phones offer a wide variety of options, but some of those options make it easier to decipher which option reigns supreme.

When it comes to the hardware of the phone, only Apple makes and produces the iPhone. No other company has a way to obtain and produce that information. Whereas Android offers its services to multiple companies (HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG). So no matter what model iPhone you get, you get an iPhone. When it comes to Android, you have to pick the company you want the phone from, as well as what model phone you would like to purchase from them.

Now, when it comes to the software, there is no debate on which company is the real winner. Apple is constantly working on and rolling out new OS software updates. And as they release these updates, they become available to almost if not all Apple devices that they were produced for. Android is not as up to par with working on updates at a constant pace.

Compatibility with other devices is another major feature that Apple offers when it comes to their iPhone models. Any apple product is compatible with another. The apple watch can sync to the iPhone, and the Macbook, and visa versa. This feature makes it very easy to keep all of your information in an organized and central location. Yes, Android does offer the option of Google and Google Drive, however those apps are also now compatible with the Apple App store.

Apple takes the cake, when it comes to repairs and support with these devices. There are Apple support locations all over, as well as online that offer technical support as well as repairs, and upgrade information. Android users are not as lucky in that area. Apple products also offer a stronger security content, making it harder for viruses, thus helping to make your product last longer, and your product worth the money.

While both products do their jobs and function as communication and entertainment devices, Apple really does reign supreme in the overall value and quality of the product that they offer to buyers.

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