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Be Environmentally Responsible: Buy a Used Apple Mac Computer

Be Environmentally Responsible: Buy a Used Apple Mac Computer

Posted by Mac of All Trades Tech Team on Nov 17th 2021

For years, Apple has been at the forefront in the battle for carbon emission reduction and, more importantly, has led by example. Indeed, every year they release their exemplary environmental report cards for their products where they show with hard data how they have reduced the carbon footprint when manufacturing their signature Apple Mac Computers. However, how do we know this is not just another marketing gimmick? Is there any objective data?

Last year, their report card showed that they had improved the environmental footprint of their signature MacBook Air by around 50% in ten years.

They have made great strides towards driving environmental progress, innovating in many areas that positively impact sustainability, and helping the company reach its proposed goal of achieving the elusive “carbon neutral” status by 2030. The Big Tech giant is leading the charge and has garnered full support from its collaborators.

Last April, Apple announced that more than a hundred of their manufacturing partners and suppliers showed a strong commitment to their ambitious environmental goals, and steadily moved towards the 100 percent renewable energy mark.

But their efforts go beyond reducing carbon emissions when manufacturing. They are offering strong incentives to bring consumers on board and build huge societal momentum towards a more sustainable productive model that will eventually trickle down to other resource-intensive industries.

For example, in 2015 Apple issued a $1.5 billion green bond, and the proceeds of its sales would go directly into financing renewable energy projects around the world. In 2017 Apple issued an additional $1 billion bond. This year, the company committed an astounding $4.7 billion to their green bond spend that hopes to significantly move the needle towards their ambitious goals.

Their construction practices also provide incentives on the consumer's side of the equation. The high-quality raw materials used in their products, combined with the superior engineering they have come to be known for, have reduced the dreaded technological obsolescence cycle of their products. Every Mac owner knows that Apple Mac computers are incredibly durable, retaining their signature performance and incredible features in working conditions longer than any of their PC counterparts.

What's more, their products are completely recyclable, which adds an extra topping of environmental friendliness. They have taken great steps to help all related industries switch from the old throwaway economy to a circular economic model that emphasizes the use of renewable resources and recycled materials. Even their packaging strategies have been revamped to reflect this goal.

These manufacturing best practices work in tandem with a solid strategy that focuses on high-end only production. Unlike their competitors, Apple rarely releases low-budget versions of their products. This keeps demand for their higher-end Apple Mac computers high and helps enthusiasts effectively retain the value of their investment on the secondary resale market. To put this in numbers, Apple products have a depreciation rate that is significantly lower than their counterparts, allowing Mac enthusiasts to be able to sell their products for relatively high prices even if they are several years old. You can say that it is yet another way Apple takes care of its loyal fan base.

This has an immense impact on consumer behavior as it reduces the need to constantly replace computers as soon as a new model comes out. Even those who feel they need to have the latest gadgets are extra careful with their products because they know that Apple products are excellent at retaining their value. Everyone knows that dumping a Mac hardly ever makes sense, and there is always a way to make money out of an Apple device no matter how old. And the trend goes both ways; Apple enthusiasts know that they can find excellent deals on used Apple Mac computers.

Those who understand the underlying intentions of the company, know it is better for the environment, and their budgets, to get a high-quality refurbished Apple product from a top computer hardware company.

The high-quality materials contained in Apple products, and the attention to detail they put into every one of their products, make them extremely dependable. They retain their processing power for years, offering unmatched durability for users who want a piece of equipment that gets them through college, or professional computers able to handle demanding image, video, or audio workloads without a problem. The superior Mac experience is something the competition is still years away from replicating. Users can feel the effects of this technological gap when they see that the value of their used Macs remains relatively high for years.

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