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6 Reasons to Buy an Apple MacBook Refurbished

Posted by Mac of All Trades Tech Team on Jul 23rd 2021

Before your laptop is completely out of commission, you want to know what your options are for purchasing a replacement. We recommend buying an  Apple MacBook refurbished instead of brand-new for some compelling reasons. Just take some time to consider a few of the major points and see what really works best for you and your situation.

What Is a Refurbished Product?

Why buy a refurbished MacBook when you can get a used one? There are a lot of reasons to buy an optimized MacBook Pro refurbished by a reliable company like Mac of All Trades. Before going into the reasons why refurbished MacBooks are worth it, it's important to understand what a refurbished product really is. 

Refurbished tech is very different from used products. A refurbished MacBook or other product goes through rigorous inspections of both the hardware and software. It is cleaned and upgraded in many ways. Refurbished tech comes with an extended warranty, unlike used items that often have no warranty. 

All original data is wiped during the refurbishment process. Memory is cleared, problems are fixed and operating systems are fully updated. Functionally, the computer has the same programs and loaded data that a brand-new one would have.

There are three levels that determine the quality of a refurbished laptop:

  • A-class refurbished: No signs of wear or use and functions flawlessly as if brand-new.
  • B-class refurbished: Some signs of cosmetic wear and tear, like scratches on the screen, some worn keys on the keyboard or minor bumps on the shell.
  • C-class refurbished: Significant signs of wear, old operating systems or compromising scratches on the screen.

1. Great Prices

The first and often most exciting benefit of buying an  Apple MacBook refurbished instead of new is the savings. Refurbished devices are much more affordable than brand-new ones because they have been pre-owned. They are fully functioning and in working order, but still come at a deeply discounted price, which makes them perfect for anyone on a budget or anyone who likes a good deal. You can often get fairly new technology as well for reduced prices.

If you do not feel pressured to buy the latest technology and are more interested in savings, you can also find some great options for older models that are even more discounted. Buying an  Apple MacBook refurbished gets you a great laptop for an even greater price. Now, that's something we can all get behind.

2. Confidence That It Works 

A common concern we hear from people who are unfamiliar with buying refurbished devices is the quality of the products. They are worried that the devices will just not perform as they need and will not be worth the money and effort. We absolutely understand the concern but would like to set some things straight. Buying refurbished devices from reliable sellers guarantees you a great device that works exactly as intended. This is because we understand these devices and what it takes to identify and resolve issues with Apple devices.

When we offer an  Apple MacBook refurbished, know that it is in working condition after being examined, tested and repaired if needed by experts who know their way around these devices. That is a guarantee you cannot get from buying a used device directly from an individual online.

3. Tech When You Need It

Something great about purchasing your Apple devices refurbished instead of brand-new which people do not talk about often is the convenience of it. At first, you might consider it to be the more convenient option to purchase a device new, but in reality, it just is not for many people. Let'sa discuss why.

With new devices, it can be pretty convenient to order online or visit a store to get your new laptop, but that is assuming you already have the cash on hand needed for a full-priced item. Of course, not everyone does, especially when our devices seem to break down on us suddenly and unexpectedly. It is hard to expect people to have that kind of cash at all times. It becomes even more challenging if you rely on your laptop for school or work.

You need another laptop right away, but you just cannot afford it, which leads us to buy an Apple MacBook refurbished. It is much easier to afford a refurbished product at any given moment and it works because you can count on sellers like Mac of All Trades to have the devices you need on the spot. We always have a good range of Apple laptops available, so you can find the exact type of model you need. If you have a trustworthy seller you can count on, you do not have to panic when your laptop is on the fritz. Just calm yourself down and carry out a solution.

4. Reduce Tech Waste 

Those who are more environmentally conscious will easily see the merits of purchasing refurbished technology as opposed to new ones. Many of us have gotten into the unfortunate habit of using technology until we want something new and discarding our old technology entirely, even if it still works or has salvageable parts. A concern this raises is the technology leaking harmful chemicals into landfills, causing more pollution when that technology could have been utilized in other ways or properly discarded.

Because of this, many of us have gotten into the habit of recycling our technology and buying alternative options like refurbished devices. As long as the devices still work or at least some of their parts do, they should still be put to good use. That is why it is a great instinct to look for an Apple MacBook refurbished instead of new right away. Immediately going for refurbished technology is a good mindset to have that could lead to less tech waste and overconsumption if enough people share that sentiment.

Whenever you feel like it is time to replace your old laptop, remember that you always have the option to buy an Apple MacBook refurbished instead of brand-new, at a much better price point. Just check out some of the laptops we have in store at Mac of All Trades and see which models are right up your alley and at a price you can afford at the moment.

5. Renewed Warranty

A new warranty is only provided for new products, and buying a MacBook used from an individual seller means you will not be protected by any warranty. While refurbished MacBooks from Apple stores come with updated warranties, third-party refurbishers and sellers often offer better, more comprehensive warranties.

For example, we offer standard and extended warranties at Mac of All Trades, and the options depend on the product you purchase. We know what makes a warranty helpful and worth your while, so you can trust our offers.

6. Refreshed Look

Refurbished Apple MacBooks are restored to as close to their original aesthetic quality as possible. Scratches, cracks and dings are removed to bring the product back to life and make it look and feel as good as new. This fact makes buying refurbished MacBooks a great idea for anyone who wants to enjoy quality tech that looks fresh out of the box at a discount.

At Mac of All Trades, we complete a thorough cleaning of the product's exterior and interior, including the vents, fans and screen, as part of all our refurbishments.

Shop Refurbished Tech at Mac of All Trades

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We follow a detailed four-step refurbishment process to ensure all the products we sell are fully optimized, trustworthy and in pristine condition. If you are looking for reliable Apple technology that runs like it's fresh out of the box, explore our collection of laptops today.