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Apple DVI to VGA Adapter M8754G/A

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Tech Specs

Apple Part Number- M8754G/A

Product Description
The DVI to Video Adapter allows you to connect a Mac with a DVI port to a standard analog monitor, projector, or LCD with a VGA input.

Compatible Models

  • Power Mac G4 (Mirrored Drive Doors, 2002) - (2003)
  • Power Mac G5 (June 2003) - (Late 2005)
  • PowerBook G4 15-inch (DVI, 2002) - (Double Layer SD, 2005)
  • PowerBook G4 17-inch (2003) - (Double Layer SD, 2005)
  • MacBook Pro 15-inch (Early 2006) - (Early 2008)
  • MacBook Pro 17-inch (Early 2006) - (Late 2008)
  • Mac mini (Early 2005) - (Mid 2007)
  • Mac Pro (Early 2006) - (Mid 2012)
  • California Proposition 65 Notice: ⚠WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

The Apple DVI to VGA Adapter M8754G/A is a versatile solution for connecting your Mac devices with a DVI port to standard analog monitors, projectors, or LCD screens with a VGA input. This compact adapter, with the Apple Part Number M8754G/A, ensures a seamless connection between your Mac and external displays, enabling you to enjoy high-quality visuals and presentations.

Compatible with a range of Mac models, including the Power Mac G4, Power Mac G5, PowerBook G4, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and Mac Pro, this adapter offers flexibility and convenience for various Apple users. Whether you need to extend your display for work presentations, enjoy multimedia content on a larger screen, or incorporate external displays into your creative projects, the DVI to VGA Adapter provides a reliable and simple solution.

Designed for ease of use, this adapter is a practical accessory for users who require connectivity options for their Mac devices. The compatibility with multiple Mac models ensures that you can effortlessly connect your DVI-equipped Mac to VGA displays without compromising on quality or performance.

Please note that California Proposition 65 Notice applies to this product, highlighting the importance of handling electronic devices safely. For detailed information regarding this notice, visit the provided link. Experience enhanced connectivity and seamless integration with the Apple DVI to VGA Adapter M8754G/A, the ideal accessory for expanding your display options with Mac devices.