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3-Prong Power Cord (5ft., Black)

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Tech Specs

Many older iMac models use these standard 3-prong power cords. These AC power cords are a standard cord for many electronics and have been used by Apple since the earliest iMac models. After 2006, Apple added a round flange to the power cord, but a standard cord will still fit these newer models. These five foot power cords are a great option for any iMac desktop computer you have.

  • Compatible with most iMacs and Mac Pros
  • 3 Prong SVT (18AWG) 300V FT1 - E254458/E254267/KH-9923
  • California Proposition 65 Notice: ⚠WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

The 3-Prong Power Cord (5ft., Black) is a reliable and essential accessory for your iMac desktop computer. Designed to meet the power requirements of many older iMac models, this standard cord has been a mainstay in the realm of electronics and has been trusted by Apple since the earliest iMac iterations. Even with the addition of a round flange post-2006, this power cord remains a compatible and effective option for newer iMac models as well.

Crafted for convenience, this power cord extends up to five feet, providing ample reach without unnecessary tangling or clutter. The compatibility of this cord extends beyond just iMacs, making it a suitable choice for Mac Pros as well. The 3-prong SVT (18AWG) 300V FT1 cord is not only durable but also meets essential safety standards, ensuring reliable performance while keeping your devices protected.

In addition, the 3-Prong Power Cord (5ft., Black) comes with California Proposition 65 Notice, highlighting its commitment to safety and compliance. With a warning regarding potential hazards of Cancer and Reproductive Harm, this product ensures that you are aware and informed, empowering you to make the best choice for your setup.

Update your iMac or Mac Pro with the dependable and versatile 3-Prong Power Cord (5ft., Black). Whether you are replacing an old cord or seeking a reliable backup, this product is a perfect fit for your electronic needs. Trust in its compatibility, durability, and safety features to keep your devices powered up and running smoothly.