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Why Buy Refurbished iPads?

Two iPads

Why Buy Refurbished iPads?

Man and boy using an iPad together

It seems more and more that we've already passed the Joneses and are now focusing keeping up with the Jetsons. Our days of dreaming about mobile telecommunications and video conferences are over, and we here at Mac of All Trades are excited to be able to bring it to you and your family at what we're sure is a much cheaper price than what the Jetsons had to (just so you can stay even more ahead).

If it's time to get yourself started, then a Refurbished Apple iPad is a perfect place to start. Bring the information of the world with you through wireless internet, connect with friends on Facebook, and video chat with everyone on the Face Time forward facing camera built right in. Refurbished iPads are able to sync up with personal and business life quickly through the amazing suite of apps Apple has designed and packaged right in to the the iOS, and with the App Store just a swipe and a tap away, you'll be able to pick out your new favorite apps to scratch any itches left out.


Determining which Refurbished iPad is right for you isn't a difficult task. You can start by picking the one you want based on the mere convenience of its size. With the iPad mini coming in at a perfect handheld size of 7.87 inches tall and 5.3 inches from left to right, it's an ideal replacement for a Kindle or other eReader, and makes video chats and web browsing easy around the house. For those who want something a bit larger can turn to the constant standard sized iPad which has stuck with it's 9.5 inch height and 7.3 inch width since day one. The retina display is included on all standard sized iPads after the iPad 2 generation, and its beautiful display makes it perfect for working on photos, creating presentations, watching movies over a wi-fi network, or even just playing games. Each Refurbished iPad features Apples multi-touch display, allowing you to keep all 10 fingers busy tickling monsters in games for your kids, or playing the piano and mixing music at your next house party.

When you think about all these awesome features and capabilities that Refurbished iPads can do and all of it crammed into something so compact and portable, it's easy to think that refurbished models would undoubtedly have something wrong with them, but the reality couldn't be farther than the truth. We're excited to say that we put all of our Apple products through our 40 point inspection before we ship them out with our 90 day warranty.

Will you go for higher resolutions for photo editing and a HD movie experience with the Retina display? Or will you keep it simple, read your books and still enjoy the seemingly infinite possibilities with the iPad's adaptive & universal suite of applications? Regardless, the ease of synchronizing all of your Apple devices make it so that there is no wrong answer. Enjoy!