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The A1481 category boasts an impressive lineup of high-performance Apple Mac Pro computers, designed to meet the demanding needs of professional users. Featuring top-of-the-line specifications, these machines are powerhouse workstations capable of handling intensive tasks with ease.

The Apple Mac Pro 2.7GHz 12-Core Xeon (Late 2013) is a standout product in this category, offering exceptional processing power and multitasking capabilities. With 12 cores and a high clock speed, this machine excels at handling complex workflows and running heavy-duty applications.

The Apple Mac Pro 3.0GHz 8-Core Xeon (Late 2013) is another top contender in the A1481 category, featuring a balance of performance and efficiency. This machine is ideal for users who require reliable performance for tasks such as video editing, graphic design, and 3D rendering.

For those seeking a more budget-friendly option without compromising on performance, the Apple Mac Pro 3.5GHz 6-Core Xeon (Late 2013) is a solid choice. This machine delivers impressive speed and power for everyday tasks, making it a versatile option for a wide range of users.

Rounding out the lineup is the Apple Mac Pro 3.7GHz Quad-core Xeon (Late 2013), offering a compact and efficient solution for users who prioritize space-saving designs without sacrificing performance. This machine is perfect for users who need a reliable workstation for everyday computing tasks.

Overall, the A1481 category delivers a range of high-quality Apple Mac Pro computers that cater to the diverse needs of professional users. Whether you require top-tier performance or a cost-effective option, these machines are sure to impress with their power, efficiency, and reliability.