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"+ Insurance" Policy (Expired)

"+ Insurance" Policy (expired October 31, 2023)


If a shipping method with "+ Insurance" is chosen, the order will include additional liability coverage from the carrier. Additional coverage limits are equal to the declared value, or up to 100% of the order total.

To report an order as lost or damaged, customers must contact us immediately upon discovery. Following receipt of this report, we will initiate a claim with the carrier. Following investigation of the claim by the carrier, we will issue a refund to the customer equal to determined coverage amount. Reasons for a determined coverage amount lower than declared value include but are not limited to: acts of God, natural disasters, civil unrest, disruptions in air or ground transportation networks, or adverse weather conditions. Refunds will not be issued prior to completion of the investigation.

If a shipping method without "+ Insurance" is chosen, the order will be subject to the standard liability limits of the carrier (up to $100 as of October 30, 2023). All other parts of this section apply.