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How do I report a hardware problem?

The warranty begins the date the order is delivered. In the rare event a hardware problem occurs during our warranty period, an RMA# (Repair Merchandise Authorization Number) must be requested via email to Customer Service. You must email a description of the hardware problem for service. This email automatically starts a support ticket. The ticket closes when the issue has been resolved. The mac of all trades Warranty only covers repair service provided at our location. Items arriving for RMA service must:

  • be repackaged properly, insured, and include all original items.
  • have the RMA# visible on the outside of each package.
  • have an RMA shipment tracking # emailed to Customer Service before the warranty expiration date.
Failure to follow any of these steps can render your equipment ineligible for repair. RMA service covers parts and labor. RMA services DOES NOT cover software issues, such as corruption of the Operating System or software incompatibility. Our warranty is voided if authorized RMA:
  • # is never issued.
  • is not in original condition.
  • has been serviced by a 3rd party.
  • is the result of accidental or liquid damage.
Please backup your data prior to RMA service. Mac of all trades is not responsible for data loss.
Troubleshooting Steps
Consult the Apple Support Site:
Apple has a wealth of knowledge on their Support Pages. There are How-To articles and videos, manuals, basic troubleshooting steps, discussion boards, and downloads. It's always good to try there first, as the solution can often be found within that site.

Boot from an OS disk to Repair Permissions and Repair Disk:
  • Insert a Mac OS X Install disk (i.e. Snow Leopard) then restart the computer while holding down the OPTION key.
  • Continue to hold down that key until you see the Boot Loader screen where you will have options to choose the boot drive. Choose the disk.
  • Once booted from the disk, it will appear that you are attempting to install an OS. Follow the prompts until you see the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  • Click Utilities on the menu bar and select Disk Utility.
  • Select your internal hard drive from the left sidebar. Select "Repair Disk Permissions" from within the main menu. This usually takes up to 10 minutes.
  • Once the disk permissions repair has completed, select "Repair Disk". This usually takes about 10 minutes as well.
  • Once complete, reboot the machine normally.
Reseat the RAM:
Locate your machine's model in the Apple Support section at the following link for specific instructions on removing and reseating the RAM.

"Zap" the PRAM:
  • Restart your Macintosh and hold the COMMAND-OPTION-'P'-'R' key combination.
  • You will hear the startup chime. Continue holding the keys down until you have heard three (3) chimes.
  • Your computer's PRAM will be reset to the default values.
Safe-Boot the Machine:
  • Hold down the Shift Key while powering on the machine.
  • Continue to hold that key down until you see the spinning gear under the Apple symbol.
  • The machine will continue to boot but will take longer than usual (5-30 minutes).
  • Once the machine has fully booted, restart the machine as usual.
Software Updates:
Run all Software Updates not only for your system, but also those for specific software, such as Microsoft Office.

Reinstall the Operating System:
Reformatting the hard drive and installing a clean operating system can solve a possible operating system corruption. 1. Archive and Install: This option keeps all user data intact, such as pictures, music, and documents, and reinstalls key components of the operating system. The next time you boot the machine it will appear exactly as it was. 2. Erase and Install: This erases all content from the drive and installs a clean OS. The machine will require setup and any software will have to be reinstalled.
What is the warranty policy?