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The Used Mac Refurbishment Process

The Used Mac Refurbishment Process

Ever wonder how a Mac gets refurbished? You’ve come to the right place. Every used Mac we receive undergoes our strict Mac refurbishment process before you see it listed on our website. We receive used Macs for two reasons: the majority are sold to us because someone decided to upgrade their Mac while a small percentage are sold to us due to a technical issue.

Refurbished Macs undergo a rigorous process before they are put up for sale. Each used Mac is fully tested, furnished with replacement parts for any items that are shown to be defective during testing, cleaned and inspected, and uploaded with the Mac OS. Finally, each refurbished Mac is inspected once more before being listed on Mac of All Trades. This way you know that your used Mac is in like new condition regardless of whether the Mac was sold to us due to an upgrade or faulty hardware.

When you purchase a refurbished Mac, you save significantly over the cost of a new Mac and receive a fully functional computer. Each of our refurbished Macs comes with a 90-day hardware warranty.

Because our supply of refurbished Macs relies on what is sold to us, you might not see the exact model you want at the moment. Check back often to find the refurbished Mac computer that you need.