Power and Battery Issues
Information regarding power related issues and how to solve them

Notebook is not charging

  • Make sure your charger is functional
    • See if the LED light on the MagSafe connection is illuminating
      • Orange indicates charging
      • Green indicates the machine is fully charged
    • Test the charger on multiple outlets
    • If you have another charger ,test it out on the computer to make sure the issue does not lie with the computer
  • Attempt a SMC Reset(hyperlink to SMC reset tutorial page)
  • If your issue persists, contact customer support

Battery is draining quickly

  • What kind of programs are you running?
    • Powerful applications and more demanding processes will drain your battery at an accelerated rate
    • Most of our laptops are rated to last a certain time under normal use
    • Most use includes processes like typing in a word document or browsing the web
    • NOT streaming video or running more demanding applications
  • Check the battery's health
    • This can be found by going to Apple(click the logo in the top left corner) > About This Mac > System Profiler or System Report > Power
    • Look under "charge Information" to see if the MacBook is charging and what the charge capacity is
    • Under "health Information" you will find the cycle count and condition of the battery
      • Apple batteries are rated to reach up to 1000 cycles
    • Also, check to see if it says, "Yes" next to "battery Installed", if it says "No" then the connection between the computer and battery may be disrupted
  • If your issue persists , contact customer support

Computer will not power on

  • Try multiple outlets to ensure there is not an issue with the power source
  • Does the computer produce a noise, light or other indication that it has power
    • If yes, the issue may be with the display and not the power
    • If no, the issue most likely is power related
  • Attempt to reset the system Management Control (SMC)
  • If your issue persists , contact customer support