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Mac mini

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1-Year Hardware Warranty (2-Year Platinum Coverage Available)

Power Cord Included

Tested and Refurbished

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We carry a wide variety of Apple desktops. Mac Minis are popular for personal use, home theater media centers, and users already having a display want to use. Our experienced Certified Technicians thoroughly test and refurbish each product.

The Mac Mini has all the connectivity you will need to connect your existing printer and scanner, connect to your wireless network. Start enjoying an easier and more productive Mac experience! Mac minis also make great media servers; they can connect to an HD TV (with appropriate adapters) to easily play movies and music. If you are looking for an all-in-one Apple product, you may be interested in our iMac computers. 

The Mac mini is Apple’s take on the mini PC. These little computers are proof of the old saying that the best things come in small packages. Despite the tiny frame, at only 7.7 x 7.7 x 1.4 inches, these computers have an insane amount of processing power, with newer models using flash memory for quick startup and high operational speed. The Apple Mac mini is perfect for users who want to operate with macOS, but in a small and quiet package. Originally marketed as Apple’s most affordable computer option, you can save big by purchasing a used Mac mini serviced by our refurbishment experts.