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iWork: Apple's Substitute For Microsoft Office

iWork: Apple’s Substitute For Microsoft Office

If you grew up and attended school within the past twenty years, you’re probably quite familiar with Microsoft Office. Equipped with leading workplace tools like Word and Excel, Microsoft’s suite of office necessities has become a staple of many classrooms and work settings. However, being that Office is a Microsoft-made program, Apple computers have never come stocked with the platform, instead emphasizing their own business solution software called iWork.

Featuring all the same functions as its Microsoft alternative, iWork is a user-friendly and Mac-ready alternative to the suite programs you’re already familiar with. In place of Word, the document-processor you’d use to type out all your memos is Pages. Replacing Excel for your spreadsheet necessities would be Numbers. Looking to put on a presentation for your boss? Then you’ll be running Keynote, opposed to PowerPoint.

The names might be different, but the functionality within Apple’s Office substitute gets the job done. Whether you own a Mac or are looking to purchase a refurbished model from Mac of All Trades, make sure to purchase your own copy of iWork to get all of your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations done with ease.