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5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Mac's Operating System

5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Mac's Operating System to High Sierra

As computing technology takes giant steps into unheralded territories of achievement, Apple continues their trend of setting the bar at the highest level with macOS High Sierra. High Sierra is the most capable, reliable, and responsive operating system yet, and builds the foundation for the future of computing. Here are some of the most important features in High Sierra:

  • Apple File System - APFS is the most responsive and secure file system ever made. It is specifically designed to improve flash storage technology by making common computing tasks happen instantly. It also includes built-in encryption, constant data backup, and crash-safe protections, ensuring that your data is as safe and secure as possible.
  • High Efficiency Video Coding - HEVC is the new standard for video, and it is now supported by macOS. HEVC preserves up to 4K resolution while reducing file size by up to 40%, allowing you to store plenty of high-quality videos.
  • Updated Photos - The new built-in Photos application offers advanced editing tools to easily give your photos a distinctive look. The improved People album with instant facial recognition allows for easy organization, and you can showcase life's most special moments with new and improved Memories collage categories.
  • Updated Safari - Apple's new privacy tool, Intelligent Tracking Prevention, keeps your internet activity secure and hidden from advertisers automatically. You can also prevent videos from automatically playing or enable auto-play for specific websites to improve your browsing experience and speed. These two features combine to offer the best web browsing application yet, and it is built-in to High Sierra.

The future has never been brighter or more exciting for Mac users. Join the revolution with a computer from mac of all trades!