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Refurbished MacBooks Are Perfect for Students

When the time inevitably comes that you (or your kids) are preparing to go off to school and begin that exciting next chapter of life, itís important to be equipped with the right tools for the job. These days, college has become highly technological, and with teachers communicating, lecturing, and even testing over the internet, you need to make sure your computer situation has you set up for success.

Fortunately, whether youíre interested in buying a Refurbished MacBook or a Refurbished MacBook Pro, both machines are more than capable of providing all the power, tools, and capability you could ever need in a computer. As youíre going through the process of choosing which machine to go with, here are some practical tips and tools to keep in mind to get the most out of your Mac experience!:

Practical Tools for School

Donít let anyone tell you Macs arenít compatible with the programs you need. These days almost all software has a Mac version that runs as well, or better than PC versions, and Microsoft Office is great example of this. Microsoft Word is still the standard for word processing, as is Microsoft Excel for spreadsheet creation and manipulation, and these programs are readily available and compatible to use with your Mac.

In addition, MacBooks come with a slew of features built-in to make life easier. From iCalendar to Mail, to the Dictionary, and Chat, youíll most likely be running life through your Mac at school, and have the confidence to know it wonít let you down.

For Students with More Demanding Purposes

Sure, Macs can perform your day to day functions without a hitch, but can they handle being pushed by robust programs and media? The answer is a resounding YES. If youíre a student heading into a media, music, or art field, having a MacBook is like having a best friend. For these purposes youíll most likely want to go for a Refurbished MacBook Pro, as the extra computer power and hardware will allow it to handle more challenging applications easily.

The Refurbished MacBook Pro can put recording and mastering an album, editing and rendering a film, or designing artwork at the tip of your fingers. The Mac Operating System is fully compatible and thrives on the applications that are the industry standards for these fields. From Protools, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Photoshop, to hundreds of other popular programs, a Refurbished MacBook can drive you to artistic freedom

Textbooks on Your Refurbished MacBook

Man, textbooks are expensive! Semester after semester, youíll be forking over way more money than youíd like to for all those mandatory textbooks your professors may or may not even use. While this wonít save you entirely, luckily, there are options available on your Mac. Try downloading Kindle for Mac and downloading your textbooks as ebooks. This is a great medium thatís growing in popularity and practicality, and chances are your wallet and your back will thank you for it.

Thousands of Useful Applications to Keep you Safe and Productive

Even the savviest of students will be challenged to focus on their work from time to time (or all the time). Thankfully, your Refurbished MacBook can do that job for you. Download the ďSelf ControlĒ app and youíll have no choice but to study. The way this practical little app works is that you enter certain distracting websites such as Facebook or YouTube into the app, turn on the timer for as long as youíll be studying, and say goodbye to distractions! You can kick, scream, even uninstall the app and restart, and you will NOT be able to access those websites until the timer expires. Give it a try to maximize your focus!

Protect your MacBook

Last but not least, there are some great applications out there for you to protect your Refurbished MacBook with. While college is a fun and fulfilling place to be, unfortunately there are people out there that target MacBooks whenever they have the opportunity. If this unfortunately happens to you, youíll be thanking yourself for loading Prey Project onto your computer. Prey Project tracks and defends your computer in the event it gets stolen, so you can keep your files safe and in all likelihood, track down your computer. An application like this is invaluable in a crisis!

Additionally, youíll want to back up your MacBook from time to time just in case something happens and you lose some data. Use Time Machine, a built-in application that can help you store the current state of your system. Be sure to back up onto an external hard drive in case something happens to your computer and itís unable to be revived!

Hopefully, these tips will help you realize the great potential Macs have for students, and some ways to get the most out of it when you get there. Once you get started, youíll find even more ways to customize your MacBook and truly make it your own. Good luck and study hard!