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BookEndz Docking System Allows Seamless Mobility

BookEndz Docking System

Have you ever attempted to take your refurbished MacBook somewhere to work on a project and realized the file you needed was stored on an external hard-drive? Or, maybe youíve been in the living room with your mobile computer and wanted to hear music from speakers in your office, but didnít want to lug them all the way to the couch to be plugged in. Heck, itís almost guaranteed your laptopís died on you in the middle of working, while unattached from your power-cord. Well, guess what? Every one of those problems can be easily solved, thanks to this refurbished BookEndz Docking Station.

Both convenient and affordable, this stationary device is built specifically for Appleís 15-inch MacBook Pro models* and allows seamless interaction with all your peripheral devices, such as a printer, external hard-drive or even an audio interface for your speaker monitors. By mimicking all the connectors and ports from your laptop, such as USB, Firewire, audio in & out and the power-cord, each external device you plug into the docking station is routed directly to your laptop. Thus, creating a cordless workspace, which you can pick up and move anywhere, while still allowing access to just about any add-on imaginable.

To see if the BookEndz Docking System would assist in your convenience, consider an affordable refurbished model from Mac Of All Trades. Also make sure to check out our collection of used and certified refurbished MacBook Pros!

  • This is ONLY compatible with the Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro Late 2006, Mid/Late 2007, and Early 2008 (Intel Core ď2Ē Duo processor and a FireWire 800 port are present). It is NOT compatible with the very first generation of 15-inch MacBook Pro (Early 2006) Intel Core Duo or the current, 15-inch UNIBODY form factor MacBook Pros.