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5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Mac's Operating System to Mountain Lion

This past year, the technology community has been run rampant with chatter about the upgraded operating system for Apple computers. Following in the footsteps of its Snow Leopard and Lion predecessors, Mountain Lion was finally made available for download last month to an appeasing roar from the company’s loyal supporters. To help those of you who aren’t necessarily techies, but might be wondering the benefits of this OS update, Mac of All Trades has compiled a list of the top five reasons this Mountain Lion needs your attention.

  1. iCloud - Using only your Apple ID info and an Internet connection, this updated function gives users 5GB of free online storage, allowing documents to be accessed across all Apple devices. So, say you’re writing a term paper on the iMac at your dorm. You could potentially write the second page on your iPad, while walking to the library to finish the paper on your MacBook Pro. Need a quick update? Do it from your iPhone, by picking up right where you left off and without missing a step. Pretty slick, huh?
  2. Notification Center - Like it or not, we live in a world ruled by social media and handheld updates of news you may or may not care about. To account for this shift in consumers’ priorities, Mountain Lion has a notification center built into its desktop that syncs with users’ iPhone, alerting notifications of anything from new texts to tweets from Twitter.
  3. The “Share” Button - If you’ve ever surfed around on an iPad or iPhone, you may have noticed an unfamiliar button on certain applications that allows users to share an article or webpage with friends, via social media or email. Well, that button is now built into familiar apps like Safari and Preview picture viewer on Mountain Lion, making sharing even easier.
  4. Gatekeeper App Technology - With apps all the rage these days and third-party developers accounting for a good amount, one concern Apple has is ensuring the apps they make available to you can’t harm your devices. To counter this issue, Mountain Lion is taking a cue from the iPhone and adopting a policy that makes all non-Apple Store app purchases have registered with Apple for $99 and can assure users their product is harmless.
  5. Game Center - Another popular feature borrowed from the iPhone is Apple’s Game Center, which is a home base for gamers to fire up app-based games with friends across the globe and keep track of high scores. If you’re not into gaming, this isn’t the most practical addition to your computer. But, if you are, entertaining yourself just got a lot more convenient.